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Nov 15

PRIME is back! Transformers Prime: Season 2

Shout! Factory is a company devoted to producing, uncovering, preserving and revitalizing the very best of pop culture.   With UNICRON defeated by OPTIMUS PRIME, what was thought to be the end of AUTOBOTS’ darkest hour is actually proving to be just the beginning. The dynamic second season of Hasbro Studios’ acclaimed animated hit series …

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May 11

Win Movie Edition BATTLESHIP Toys

I’m a child of the 80′s who grew up playing Hasbro’s Battleship game. “Hit and sunk.” Battleship is a favorite strategy game of my youth and I when I received this game in the mail I was excited to introduce it to my kids. Battleship the movie hits theaters Friday, May 18th, and stars Liam …

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Apr 22

Bop It XT Review and GIVEAWAY!

Bop-It! XT - PKG

  My sister came to visit me a couple of weeks ago, and that’s a HUGE deal. I moved out when she was 11 years old, and I’ve seen her maybe 5 times since then (She’s 24 now). She’s a fashionista, barista, french/psychology major who lives in Portlandia, and I’m a stay at home-ista, wear my …

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Mar 27

The Game of Life zAPPed

writing expository essays Wouldn’t it be great to easily choose which $200K salary profession you wanted, whether you’ll travel a risky or safe route in life, and if you’ll end up in “Millionaire Estates” or “Country-Side Acres?” Unfortunately for all of us real life isn’t that easy…but The Game of Life by Hasbro is easy and …

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Jul 26

Conan the Adventurer, A Review of Season One

Hasbro, Inc. and Shout! Factory have unleashed Conan The Adventurer: Season One in a 2-DVD set, featuring all 13 action-packed episodes. Produced by Sunbox, Conan originally aired in Saturday morning syndication from 1992 – 1993.  Conan is a Warrior without fear, on a quest to deliver his family from an evil spell cast upon them …

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