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Mar 15

Foto Friday – Storm in the Distance

  Aloha friends and Moana Readers.   It’s Foto Friday!   Here’s a photo of an early morning sunrise on a stormy day here on the North Shore. *I was not compensated for this post. Any and all opinions here are mine. Aloha! Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook share via Reddit Share …

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Mar 08

Foto Friday – Rainbows and Shorelines

Aloha friends and Moana Readers. It’s Foto Friday! For today’s fabulous foto Friday here’s a picture of a beautiful rainbow off the Windward coast of Oahu just north of Hanauma Bay.   Photo credit goes to a random Facebook friend of our local news station. Sorry I don’t have more info. Happy Aloha Friday! Bookmark on Delicious …

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Jan 27

Sunday Morning Hawaii Sunrise

Happy Sunday morning, Moana readers! Just sending you some Aloha from across the sea this morning. A friend of mine took this photo montage during her morning run on our North Shore. Isn’t it stunning? If you haven’t been to Oahu’s North Shore you may not know how much of it is wide-open country spaces. …

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Jan 17

Flu Vaccinations Put To A Vote

Did you get a flu shot this year? I have mixed feeling about flu vaccinations so I’m just gonna stand on my soap box for a few minutes and open this for discussion. I never used to get a flu vaccination until I had my first child because I didn’t want to bring the virus …

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Jan 11

Foto Friday – Baby Sea Turtles

Aloha friends and Moana Readers. It’s Foto Friday! I apologize for the irregular posting. My family and I spent a few weeks on the mainland to celebrate two family weddings but now we’re back and I have to say stepping off the plane in Honolulu my feet felt warm for the first time in a long …

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Nov 09

Foto Friday – Oahu’s Wide Open Spaces on the North Shore

Aloha friends and Moana Readers. It’s Foto Friday! Here’s another snapshot to give you a taste of where we at Moana Saves live. We live in the country here on the North Shore of Oahu. I never thought of Hawai’i as having farmland or wide-open country fields but it does and that’s where I live. Carol …

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Nov 04

Hawaii Color Run – Running for NYC

You were in my thoughts today, NYC. Your marathon was cancelled. You’re struggling to recover from Sandy. You are a city that doesn’t stand still…until now. I’m thousands of miles away and my 3 mile run today was small but I ran for you. I ran for your wind swept streets, your flooded subways, and …

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Oct 18

Fun Halloween Snacks

It’s Halloween and that means we get to have fun with food. I had a great time on Pinterest looking for fun Halloween snacks. Here are a few of my favorites: Frankenstein nuts and bolts Frankenstein pudding cups. This is a really easy treat but looks impressive. Halloween healthy crackers and cheese. You would need miniature halloween …

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Oct 15

Count the Kicks, Save Thousands of Lives

International Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day   October 15th is International Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day, a day of remembrance for pregnancy loss and infant death which includes miscarriage, stillbirth, SIDS, or the death of a newborn. The National Institute of Health estimates that of the 4 million births a year in the United States, there are 26,000 stillbirths; meaning one in every …

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Oct 05

Foto Friday – Manoa Waterfall

Aloha friends and Moana Readers. It’s Foto Friday! A favorite short hike my family and I love to go on is up to Manoa Falls. Hmmm…Manoa, Moana….very similar but different meanings. I believe Manoa means vast and wide while Moana is more the spirit of the ocean. (But don’t quote me on this. I’m definitely not …

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Sep 25

Today’s Freebie Finds – Macaroni Grill Lunch and JC Penney Haircut

- Free Lunch from Macaroni Grill – Free Haircuts at JC Penney Free Lunch from Macaroni Grill Like Macaroni Grill’s Facebook page and the first 100,000 people will be able to print a coupon for free “Choose 2″ lunch combination on Friday September 28th.  Click on the orange button to print your coupon. (Limit one coupon per table, …

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Sep 22

Foto Friday – Sea of Glass

Aloha friends and Moana Readers. It’s Foto Friday! Today I thought I would share a snapshot of the ocean. Some days the sea is as calm as glass with it’s bright green and blue colors. Love it. Happy Aloha Friday! Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook share via Reddit Share with Stumblers Tweet …

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Sep 14

Foto Friday – Kaneohe Bay Sandbar

Aloha friends and Moana Readers. It’s Foto Friday! My family and I discovered a hidden treasure on Oahu last weekend. For Labor Day some friends invited us to spend a day on their boat and they took us to Kaneohe Bay Sandbar. There’s this giant sandbar that I NEVER knew about in the middle of the …

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Aug 31

Foto Friday – Snorkeling at Shark’s Cove

Aloha friends and Moana Readers. It’s Foto Friday! If you’ve ever snorkeled on Oahu you’ve probably visited Shark’s Cove. In the summer the waves are low and it’s a great spot to see lots of fish. This photo was taken this morning as my husband and I spent the day snorkeling from Three Tables further …

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Aug 24

Foto Friday – Makapu’u View

Aloha friends and Moana Readers. It’s Foto Friday! This is the view from the top of Makapu’u Point, an easy hike located on the southeast side of Oahu. It’s a short drive north from Hanauma Bay and has the picturesque Makapu’u Lighthouse as a landmark. The hike is steep yet short and paved so you can walk it …

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Aug 10

Foto Friday – Haiku Stairs

Aloha friends and Moana Readers. It’s Foto Friday! There’s an amazing hike here on Oahu that has been nicknamed “Stairway to Heaven.” This is Wiki’s blurb about the trail: The trail began as a wooden ladder spiked to the cliff on the south side of the Haʻikū Valley. It was installed in 1942 to enable antenna cables to …

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