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Jun 08

Feeling Good in My Jala Clothing Yoga Pants

Jala Yoga Pants from ActiveWearUSA

“GO and GRAB LIFE BY THE HORNS!” Or at least that’s what these yoga pants said to me when I pulled them out of the package. (If yoga pants could talk, right?) I will tell you that putting on yoga pants has never had so much meaning to me (and I’ve worn a lot of yoga …

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Apr 30

Fashion Headbands by Bondi Band with a Giveaway

My New Year’s resolution this year is probably one of the most common among resolutions. I’ve set the goal of eating healthier and exercising more often, both leading ultimately to my main goal …(queue ominous music)… losing weight. It’s May and that means next month is our resolution half-way mark. Yeah, I bet you didn’t …

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Jul 30

Top Ten Reasons to Love 20 Second Fitness

There is always one background exerciser modifying moves for beginners like me. My kids (who have fitness short attention spans like me) do it with me, helping me to be accountable My kids (whose fitness attention spans outlast 20 Second Fitness) take turns doing sit-ups and crunches with me after we finish our 20 Second …

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Mar 31

Going Green with the SilverMat from SilverSport

This mat from SilverSportis a great way to Go Green and get a great workout. The SilverMat has a natural defense system to fight the odor and bacteria with silver ions.  This doesn’t use harsh chemicals and is activated by moisture- so when you’re working hard, it does too.  To clean, just wipe down with …

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