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Jun 01

Iron Man Giveaway

Are you a big Iron Man fan? We’re giving away a $25 gift code to Cafe Press where you can purchase Iron Man 3 t-shirts, Iron man 3 iPhone 5 cases, and all sorts of other Iron Man 3 Merchandise including shower curtains and kitchen aprons. I went to see Iron Man 3 and I remember seeing someone with a …

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Feb 28

Moving is stressful, but not with SMOOTHMOVE

I recently went through a crazy move. At first it started with selling our home and moving a few blocks away, to moving across the ocean. No matter the circumstance, moving is always stressful. But I was always taught that the better you are prepared the better you can handle anything. And so it is …

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Oct 05

Updating Your Man’s Wardrobe With

I recently received a men’s neck-tie from My husband wears neck-ties a lot so he was happy for an update. We received a periwinkle striped tie that is handmade from the finest silk, Jacquard woven silk. This tie is one of Bows-N-Ties newly added brands, Cavallieri, usually retailing between $50-$60 but Bows-n-Ties offers them for just …

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Jul 02

Dress Your Child with Cute Clothes From

I always imagined, when I had my first child that I would dress her in the most adorable outfits. Well at the time I couldn’t afford to purchase those EXPENSIVE yet adorable outfits. As time has passed and I have multiple children purchasing those high-priced items still isn’t a priority to me. I want to …

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Jun 08

Feeling Good in My Jala Clothing Yoga Pants

Jala Yoga Pants from ActiveWearUSA

“GO and GRAB LIFE BY THE HORNS!” Or at least that’s what these yoga pants said to me when I pulled them out of the package. (If yoga pants could talk, right?) I will tell you that putting on yoga pants has never had so much meaning to me (and I’ve worn a lot of yoga …

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Oct 08

Laundry Day with Bounce Ironing Spray and Downy Wrinkle Releaser

I do a lot of laundry each week. In Hawaii electricity is ridiculously expensive so I try to hang-dry as much of my laundry as possible. The biggest problem with line-dried clothes is the wrinkles. When I heard about the new Bounce™ Ironing Spray and Downy’s Wrinkle Releaser® I jumped at the chance to give them …

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May 15

CardiWrap: A Review

  My sister-in-law came into the house last week looking thoroughly anxious.   She had a blind date. Her first blind date. Ever. I don’t blame her for being nervous. I hate blind dates, and for good reason. You don’t know whom your going to end up spending the evening with. It could be the …

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