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Oct 16

Trendy Glasses from

Has your life settled now that we're into the second month of school? One of the biggest necessary back-to-school expenses my family has is eyewear. So many other back-to-school expenses can be side-stepped or bought at a discount but finding a quality pair of glasses at an inexpensive price is hard to find. I received a pair …

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Oct 02

Hair Accessories by Cover Your Hair

My kids are definitely girly girls. hives treatment They love to style their hair with bows, headbands, and hair clips. When I got the chance to review something from Cover Your Hair I jumped at it. I received a black zipper headband for review. The zipper flower is quality made and fastened to a silk black …

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Dec 12

Rocking this Christmas with BassBuds

For that person on your gift list for whom you don’t know what to buy: I have the perfect gift recommendation for someone, young or old, this holiday season. Bassbuds headphones! Here are the stats that make Bassbuds so great: Integrated high-quality microphone with Call/MP3 controller (compatible with all smart phones). Crystal-clear HD audio via …

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Dec 12

Eyes Cream Sunglasses for Kids

Today’s Holiday Gift Guide recommendation is for kids…and I have to say that I love it! Do you have a young boy or girl on your holiday gift list who likes fashion? As an adult do you worry about harmful UVA & UVB rays and the damage they can do to young eyes? I can …

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Jul 10

Fashion Sunglasses at a Low Price

Are you interested in fashion but not the price that goes with it? I am but I’m a woman with a budget who wants to look good but not at the price celebrities pay. Honestly, I wear sunglasses ALL the time. I wear sunglasses when I’m outside because I get migraines from bright sunlight and …

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Jul 02

Dress Your Child with Cute Clothes From

I always imagined, when I had my first child that I would dress her in the most adorable outfits. Well at the time I couldn’t afford to purchase those EXPENSIVE yet adorable outfits. As time has passed and I have multiple children purchasing those high-priced items still isn’t a priority to me. I want to …

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Jun 12

Styling with Vintage Rose Wraps and a Giveaway!

Every girl needs her Vintage Rose Wrap. I have a family of daughters who love their hair accessories, including their Vintage Rose Wraps. Have you seen these headband wraps before? They’re stunning! Sisters Katie and Ginny created Vintage Rose Wraps as an outlet for their love of fabric and creating and it’s blossomed into a company …

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Apr 30

Fashion Headbands by Bondi Band with a Giveaway

My New Year’s resolution this year is probably one of the most common among resolutions. I’ve set the goal of eating healthier and exercising more often, both leading ultimately to my main goal …(queue ominous music)… losing weight. It’s May and that means next month is our resolution half-way mark. Yeah, I bet you didn’t …

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Sep 21

High Style Eyewear at

  How did wearing eyeglasses become so fashionable?  It can’t be merely for a more studious look because these days glasses look anything but studious. We’re talking high fashion accessories! Eyewear may be high fashion but it doesn’t have to be high priced. Where do you purchase your discount eyeglasses? is an online retailer …

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Jul 18

Namaste Bags Review and Giveaway

I am a BAG person. I love BAGS & PURSES. When I was in 4th grade for a design project I chose to make a bag with 30 pockets…can you tell I love POCKETS in my bags & purses. And I think I may have TOO many purses…my husband constantly comments on which purse is …

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Jul 16

Envirosax Review and Giveaway

I love bags. And, I don’t think I could ever have too many, especially when they are impacting our environment in a positive way… Envirosax® designer reusable bags are spreading the eco-friendly message with style! It’s true, these bags are eco-friendly and oh-so-stylish!  I’ve only used my Envirosax Slingsax (pictured above) twice so far and I’ve gotten so …

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Jun 13

Rumba Time for Father’s Day

What time is it?  Rumba Time at Moana Saves!  We are reviewing a Rumba watch as the world gets ready for Father’s Day because a Rumba makes an memorable yet inexpensive gift for the dad in your life. Best friends from college, Joe Anto, Drew Deters and Jay Hartington shared a love of adventure, discovery, …

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May 15

CardiWrap: A Review

  My sister-in-law came into the house last week looking thoroughly anxious.   She had a blind date. Her first blind date. Ever. I don’t blame her for being nervous. I hate blind dates, and for good reason. You don’t know whom your going to end up spending the evening with. It could be the …

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Apr 25

Review and Giveaway of Cover Your Hair

Cover your Hair accessories

Cover Your Hair is one of those websites that makes you realize how wonderful the internets are. Everything a woman needs to adorn and/or cover her hair, tons of hair accessories, on one website! Need hair clips? Go to Cover Your Hair. Baby hats or headbands? Right there at Cover Your Hair. Looking for head …

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Mar 22

Review of the Saky Sack: Green Style on the Go

Living on an island can shape our perspective about how our lives impact the planet and either positively or negatively affect sustainability.  We’re not suggesting that we are green experts.  Rather, we are interested in highlighting how we think, shop and spend can evolve so that can sustain the earth’s future for our kids.  Plus …

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Feb 16

LillyMae Bag Review

>Remember the fanny pack?  Those went the way of the parachute pants (I bid good riddance to both!).  But there has always been a need for a small, hands-free bag to keep your important stuff in while you shop, work out or travel.  Hooray for the Lillymae bag which combines the utility of the fanny …

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