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I'm a Maui Girl married to a Tongan Boy, and together we have 5 little island babes. I love my life as a wife and mom, living in the islands, and immersing myself in my family. I have a degree in International Cultural Communications, and I love to organize, read, write, exercise, and cook. I have an affinity for simple things, a clean house, a loud kitchen, and lots (and lots!) of family.

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Dec 14

Apple Crisp With a Twist


how to get a girlfriend It's baking season and one of my absolute favorite desserts is Apple Crisp. It beats out pie, tarts, cookies, cakes, you name it. My mom makes the best version using oats, brown sugar, and lots and lots of butter. This year I took to making this classic with a healthier …

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Dec 10

A Review of Exuviance Targeted Filler T5 Wrinkle Treatment


  So, I’m 31 years old. Truth be told, I don’t feel old (until my kids remind me). But lately I’ve been getting quite a bit of shocks, like finding not just one but EIGHT gray hairs.   Eight. Really. (At this rate if I keep pulling them out, I could potentially go bald before …

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Dec 09

Modern Greetings Review and a FREE Photo Book!


    It’s almost Christmas, and if you’re like me, you’ve procrastinated the whole Christmas card ordeal until the last possible moment. I love getting Christmas cards, but sending them out always seems like running up a mountain, but instead of getting leg cramps, I get carpal tunnel. LUCKILY, I ordered mine from Modern Greetings, …

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Dec 09

A Review of Little Golden Records and FREE music download!


  (I’m going to warn you now, this isn’t just a review, this is a RAVE- and I don’t rave very often. Yes, it’s that good.) Need a stocking stuffer for your little ones that won’t break the bank? I have the PERFECT idea. Little Golden Records. Remember Little Golden Books? Yes, like that but …

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Nov 21

A Healthier Thanksgiving


So, it’s the day before Thanksgiving, and I’m excited to give you some suggestions on how you can tweak the traditional feasting fare enough to make it good for you! (NO, I’m not kidding…) I love to cook, and have a love affair with food, so I’m not going to dish you something that tastes …

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Oct 27

Halloween Candy Overload Remedies


photo by Samantha T   It’s that time of year again. (So cliché, I know.)  The holidays are officially beginning, and the inevitable influx of sugar is on its way, like an avalanche that you saw coming, but forgot to run. And it all starts with the candy-laden Halloween. Trick-or-treaters get the chance to run …

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Oct 07

Back-to-Preschool DVDs You Can Win


It’s fall, school is in session and kids are learning. We reviewed four great videos we think your preschooler will love! I am increasingly impressed with the type and quality of entertainment coming out of NCircle Entertainment.  The DVD’s are completely engaging (I know because when anything NCircle is on the screen, I get to …

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Sep 18

Spice Lab Gourmet Sea Salts with a Giveaway

The Spice Lab Gourmey Sea Salt

  I’m a foodie. All around. And I would say that there is one ingredient in your cupboard (and mine) that is most important, and should never be forgotten, in just about every recipe, save a few. Salt! It deepens savor, peaks sweet, and makes spice pop. You can barely even taste curry or guacamole until you’ve …

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Aug 20

A Review of The Wiggles’ Big Birthday!

The Wiggles Big Birthday

Are you ready to feel incredibly old? (You may want to sit down for this…) The Wiggles just celebrated their 25th Birthday. No, they’re not 25 years old … They’ve been performing for 25 years! And I can honestly say that I am sad to see the original Wiggles take their final bow. (Did you …

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Jul 31

A Review of Cutey Jewelry

Cutey Jewelry

As a mom with multiple kids, shopping for new clothes is kind of a distant fading memory of my younger, pre-children years. I buy a new outfit maybe once a year, for my husband’s work Christmas party, and even then, it’s on a budget. Two years ago, not only did he have a work Christmas …

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Jun 26

Review of K5 Learning Online Curriculum for Kids

K5 Logo 400 px

Nothing pains me more than to see my 7 year-old struggling to add numbers and still counting on her fingers. Don’t get me wrong, she loves math, but when those timed tests come around, she struggles. I know she needs to catch up before she’s introduced to new concepts, and she’ll need a strong base …

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Jun 08

Feeling Good in My Jala Clothing Yoga Pants

Jala Yoga Pants from ActiveWearUSA

“GO and GRAB LIFE BY THE HORNS!” Or at least that’s what these yoga pants said to me when I pulled them out of the package. (If yoga pants could talk, right?) I will tell you that putting on yoga pants has never had so much meaning to me (and I’ve worn a lot of yoga …

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Apr 22

Bop It XT Review and GIVEAWAY!

Bop-It! XT - PKG

  My sister came to visit me a couple of weeks ago, and that’s a HUGE deal. I moved out when she was 11 years old, and I’ve seen her maybe 5 times since then (She’s 24 now). She’s a fashionista, barista, french/psychology major who lives in Portlandia, and I’m a stay at home-ista, wear my …

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Dec 15

My Memories Scrapbooking Software

My Album 1-001

I am not a “scrapper” or a “scrapbooker” or whatever you call those talented ladies that can turn a stack of paper into beautifully wielded memory books. Yeah, I can’t do that. I took a card making class once, figuring that not only would I “sort of” be in a “scrappers” league but I would …

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Dec 09

A Review of Hersey’s Holiday Favorites Recipe Book


how to stop premature ejaculation You got me. I’m a foodie. All around, up, down, left, right, and inside out- foodie. This time of year is filled to the brim with meals and recipes that dote on family get togethers, and attach themselves to tradition and emotions that give way to pure sentiment. We find …

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Dec 05

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Space Adventure! Review


how to make a solar panel hot dog or hot·dog (htdôg, -dg)- Exclamation: Used to express delight or enthusiastic approval. I will add, most commonly used by Mickey Mouse, in the newer version of the classic cartoon, now called Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Geared toward preschoolers, the reinvented classic characters take your little ones through a …

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