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Wife. Mother. Media Junkie. Friend. Teacher. I love to eat, play, and have fun! love the color orange and mint chocolate!

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  5. Saving Mr. Banks Movie Review — December 14, 2013

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Mar 29

The Amazing Spiderman 2 Coloring Page and CONTEST!!

Guess what?! I have such fun news to tell you!! So The Amazing Spiderman 2 is coming out soon in theaters AND I have something for you! COLORING PAGES! I love coloring! I mean…my kids love coloring…yeah…that’s it. Oh who am I kidding? I love coloring but seriously, these pages are pretty cool. Click on …

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Mar 29

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

I am having so much fun watching all the different Avengers movies! I love that they’re all intersecting with one another and yet they still have their own story to tell. I am definitely a fan of the franchise! I can’t wait for the new ones to come out! Don’t fear there is one that’s …

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Mar 13

Need for Speed Opens Friday, March 14th

I love movies about fast cars. I really enjoy the Fast and the Furious franchise. Something about the sleek cars and how fast they can go. It’s very exciting. When I first saw the commercial for Need for Speed, I thought it would just be like Fast and Furious. I had no idea Need for …

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Feb 21

3 Days to Kill – Movie Review

If you’ve read my movie reviews before on here, you’ll notice that when I watch movies, I usually have no expectations for them. Why? I don’t know. With “3 Days to Kill”, I literally had no clue what it was about except that Kevin Costner was in it.   A real quick snippet about the …

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Dec 14

Saving Mr. Banks Movie Review

I have always loved Mary Poppins growing up. I loved the songs, the story, and the characters. Mary Poppins was one of my favorite Disney movies. When I saw the preview for Saving Mr. Banks starring Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson, I was super excited to see it!! ABOUT THE MOVIE: Two-time Academy Award®–winner Emma …

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Dec 11

Yo Gabba Gabba, Mike the Knight, and More Christmas DVDs

What do Yo Gabba Gabba, Mike the knight, The Snowman and the Snow Dog all have in common? They all have a Christmas special on DVD! If your kids like any of these shows, I recommend getting these DVD's to get them into the holiday spirit with their favorite characters! These three brand new seasonally …

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Nov 26

Disney’s Frozen opens Thanksgiving Day

I love movies with a lovable talking snowman! Isn’t he just the cutest snowman you’ve ever seen? You’re going to love him! Frozen isn’t just about a snowman but he is one of the show-stealers in a story about two sisters and their journey in this adventure. ABOUT THE MOVIE: Opens Nov. 27th Walt Disney Animation …

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Nov 22

Nutricrystal Wireless Food Scale

I have always wanted a food scale. I know it might sound lame but it’s true. I’ve just always wanted to know how much my food weighs. Ever since I’ve started using this app on my iPhone a couple months ago to track my calories and to basically watch what I eat, I’ve lost like …

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Oct 31

Free Birds Movie Review

I love movies. I love movies that I can watch with the whole family! Free Birds comes out tomorrow, Friday, November 1st into a theater near you! I haven’t heard much about this movie before I went but I’m glad I did! This movie is about “two turkeys from opposite sides of the tracks must …

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Oct 16

How I Met Your Mother Season 8 on DVD

I am a huge fan of How I Met Your Mother. I love their friendships in the show and the antics that these group of friends get into. It reminds me of some of our friends and our relationships. Season 8 is the second to last season before the final season that is now currently …

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Oct 16

Customized iPhone 4/4S/5 Case from CasePics

I love customizing things. I love making things “my” own style and personalizing stuff. I always have. I have an iPhone 4 which was in need of a case. I had a Hello Kitty case which I loved but I had dropped my phone one too many times and the case broke. It was a …

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Oct 14

Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters Predacons Rising

Transformers is becoming a huge enterprise and I'm not surprised. viagra generic india I loved the recent movies and although I wasn't a huge fan as a child, I loved it. A quick synopsis about the movie: A resurrected Unicron has taken over the now-lifeless body of Megatron to seek vengeance on the Autobots and …

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Oct 05

Leverage: The Final Season on DVD

I was so sad when I heard that Leverage was over. I didn't follow the show from the very beginning and I wish I had. But thank goodness for shows that get on DVD! treatment for hives Quick synopsis of the final season and then off to the review of Leverage: The Final Season. In …

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Sep 09

Back to School Ideas & Tips

It's Back to School for everyone now isn't it? I don't know if I've mentioned this before but I'm a teacher. I teach 8th grade Social Studies to be exact. It's my 6th year teaching but my 1st year teaching 8th grade. So far I'm loving it. I love having my own classroom and teaching …

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Sep 03

Slugterra Volume 2

Slugterra Volume 2 is now available on DVD! My son loves this show. I don't know what it is but he enjoys it. I asked him what he liked about it and all I could get out of him, as he watched it, is that he liked the fights. I probably shouldn't have asked him …

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Aug 27

Phineas and Ferb: Quest for Cool Stuff – Wii

I may be almost 30 years old but I am one of the biggest kids AND I have always been a big fan of Disney's Phineas and Ferb! I especially love all their catchy songs. The show is just hilarious! I love how no matter how old you are, you will find something to enjoy …

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