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Jun 12

Poyomi Photo Book

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My 15 year old son loves his scrap book that I made for him when he was little. Since the arrival of our fifth baby I have been receiving a significant amount of pressure from him ( weird I know!) to get to scrap booking for the new one. I haven’t scrap booked for years and to be honest with technology the way it is I have no desire to. So when this  opportunity to create a photo book on my ipad from www.Poyomi.com came  I jumped at the chance. I have so many photos that I store on my devices that I was very excited. Poyomi has an easy to use site and also an  iphone app and ipad app available  that lets you upload photos from Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Picasa, SmugMug and Dropbox and then allows you to organize them in your desired format, from one photo per page to four. I downloaded the iphone app  at first but it was way too basic, You just put the photos in and print.  I needed some options. So I downloaded the  ipad app which had a few more options.

Here’s a little video on how the ipod app works.



Poyomi  ipad app was very simple  to use. SIMPLE.  I like simple. I also really liked the fact that they chose where the photos went simply by choosing to put the photos in the book by date. Then if for some reason you wanted to switch the photos around,  just click on the photo and a little box would come up, you could then choose which page number you wanted that photo to jump to, LOVED that!

The photo book I chose was the size of  a magazine with two photos per page.  Some of the photos ended up being larger than real life which was kind of cool if the photos were high quality.

photo (10)

If they weren’t high quality  or if the color was skewed there was no indicator to let you know . There was also no in app photo editing which I wished I had a couple of times. The photo below was one of the ones that I thought looked really bad in the book, not sure if you can tell. For the most part  the pictures turned out beautiful.

photo (9)

I guess to get the quality better I should have chosen more than two photos per page forcing the photos to be smaller and then maybe I wouldn’t notice the poor quality on some photos. Next time I will remember this!



Another thing I liked was that you were also able to select  several of your favorite photos and in doing this the photo would be larger than others. I didn’t realize it  would end up being pin up size:)  I liked it!



photo (8)

Summing up my Poyomi experince, even though there was a little bug in the quality control of photos this literally was one of the easiest and quickest photo books I have ever done . Was it easy because of  the fewer options,  thus taking out the decision making?  Yes, I think that played a big role, I honestly spend hours choosing fonts etc. It was nice to  have it all laid out for you.  I would recommend this product and would use it again.

Visit http://www.poyomi.com/  to make your next photo book.




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