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Oct 09

Hasbro zAPPed games: Battleship and Spellshot

PhotobucketWhile the awesomeness of the iPad and all its many apps is nothing new, utilizing it as an interactive dueling ground sure is!  Think of the coolest board game you know of, then add interactive play, super cool graphics, and great sound effects… and that’s just the beginning for a couple of Hasbro’s new zAPPed edition games: Battleship and Spellshot.  Before I tell you how much my kids (and I) love ‘em, here’s a little information about each game:


Man your battle stations… and your iPad! With the new BATTLESHIP zAPPed EDITION game by Hasbro zAPPed Gaming, players use their iPad screen as the playing surface when waging epic battles by executing strategic maneuvers, launching missile attacks and initiating airstrikes. Simply download the free BATTLESHIP zAPPed EDITION app from the App Store and place your ship pawns on the iPad screen to play. The iPad will automatically recognize which ship pawns are in play and when they are moved. The game features ships inspired by the BATTLESHIP feature film from Universal Pictures so players can defend the earth from alien attack and lead their fleet to victory!

Here’s what we like about Battleship:
  • Moving your battleship across your iPad ocean is pretty fun all by itself, but shooting down alien ships while doing so is even cooler!
  • My son loves the radar feature, which lets him know when the enemy is near.
  • We all like being able to utilize the 360-degree view with a simple turn of the battleship.
  • You can even implement airstrikes and drop missiles on alien ships.
  • You can play Battleship all by yourself!  At first, I was a little bummed that this was single player because when I think of Battleship I think of playing against an opponent.  But, I actually really like the single player game because it minimizes the arguing, uh, I mean maximizes the fun of defeating the most dreaded enemy – aliens!



All of the elements – Earth, Air, Fire and Water – combine in this mesmerizing and magical new app-enhanced battle game that turns an iPad screen into an interactive dueling ground where wizards compete for treasure. Simply download the free SPELLSHOT zAPPed EDITION app from the App Store and place your wizard pawn figures on the iPad screen to play. The iPad will automatically recognize which of the four wizard pawn figures are placed on the screen as players use strategy and skill to “cast spells” with touch-screen gestures. The first to collect all of the treasure wins!

Both games are recommended for ages 8+, but my 7-year old has mastered both already.  Granted, he is a computer/gaming whiz, but if your child is technologically advanced (what kid isn’t these days?), don’t let the age recommendation deter you.  Even my 5-year old is loving the games.  She has by no means mastered them, but she does have fun shooting down alien ships in Battleship and attacking her elemental opponent in Spell Shot.
Here are some things we like about Spellshot:
  • You get to choose one of four wizard pawn figures… and they look really cool!
  • You have to pay close attention to what your opponent is doing because you may need to cast a shield spell to protect yourself from your opponent’s attack spell.
  • Strategy is a big part of this game – gather the treasure or weaken your opponent?  Lots of moans and giggles ensue!
  • The better you do, the more locations to duel in you unlock.
  • Two players!  It’s so much fun dueling against my kids because they get really sneaky sometimes and attack when I least expect it!
We have played both games every day/night since we downloaded the apps, so they are well worth it!  Go to the Hasbro website to find out more about these awesome games and where to buy.


Also, the new Hasbro Game Night Facebook page is pretty awesome, but it’s missing one thing – you! By posting a photo to the wall of the Hasbro Game Night page of you or a family member playing a Hasbro game with the caption “On game night I love to play ___________,” you can have the chance to be the Hasbro Game Night Fan of the Week. Check out the Game Night Facebook page for the official rules. The next Game Night Fan of the Week could be you!

Follow Hasbro Game Night on Twitter and Facebook to stay up to date on the latest and greatest with Hasbro.

*I was not compensated for this review.  I did, however, receive Battleship and Spellshot zAPPed Editions free of charge to facilitate my review.  All opinions are my own.

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