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Oct 27

Halloween Candy Overload Remedies

photo by Samantha T


It’s that time of year again. (So cliché, I know.)  The holidays are officially beginning, and the inevitable influx of sugar is on its way, like an avalanche that you saw coming, but forgot to run.

And it all starts with the candy-laden Halloween. Trick-or-treaters get the chance to run from house to house collecting a barrage of sweet treats, and bring it home to form the ultimate edible collection.

But you don’t have to be buried helplessly in mounds of sugar this year.

(Except for maybe those fun sized Twix bars… I might not mind being buried in those.)

I’ve scoured the web and come up with my top picks of ways to get rid of Halloween candy this year!

(Yes, I know you could just throw it out, or take it to work, but we think it should be fun also.)

I’m so excited to try some of these, and I know your kids will too!


My first and forever favorite thing to do with the candy my kids bring home after All Hallow’s Eve, is to do science experiments. Did I just say candy and education in the same sentence? Yes. Yes, I did.

Head on over to Candy Experiments and find out all ways you and your kids can have fun NOT eating their candy this year! Watch lemon heads fizzle, and lifesavers give off light! Let the Bill Nye in you out! It’s okay, it’s Halloween. (I know you’ve been hiding away those safety goggles, just waiting for a chance to wear them.) PS. Never heat a jaw breaker. Ever. It’ll explode!




Next, enter “The Switch Witch”. Much like a spooky version of the tooth fairy, The Switch Witch comes only on Halloween searching for children’s candy and leaving something else special in its place. In this book, a little boy named Gavin learns about the magic of Mrs. Switch, and how she can create a healthier Halloween. This is an opportunity to engage your kids in reading a whimsical story, and have an exciting reason to give up the sweets. Written and illustrated by Charity O’Neill-O’Kane, “The Switch Witch” will become a fun and lasting tradition in your home. And a huge thank you to Ms. O’Neill-O’Kane, who graciously gave our readers a discount!

Moana Saves readers get 25% off The Switch Witch HERE by entering this code: MSE62FEW

The Switch Witch is also available at amazon.com.


Another way to spread out your stash is to create a Thanksgiving Advent Calendar. This one is from Pottery Barn Kids, but you could easily make one too. Include in each pocket a piece of paper for everyone to write something they are thankful for, and one piece of candy. It’s a fun way to remember gratitude and keep the sugar highs to a minimum.

 photo credit


Save all that candy for Christmas! I never realized how much money I spent buying more candy at Christmas time until I saw this. I could have used all that leftover candy for baking with my kids, putting in stockings, and sending with my kids to school for their annual gingerbread house making days. Seal it in a zip top bag and put it in the freezer. It will hold until you need it! Use M&M’s and Reese’s Peanut Butter cups for baking cookies and brownies. Save all bright-colored candy for use on gingerbread houses, and everything else to help Santa stuff stockings. My mom used to empty out a frozen broccoli bag and put all candy in there. We never found it. Ever. So cheeky. (Huh, Mom?)

If you want a chance to teach your kids the fun of giving, you can donate your sweets. Operation Shoebox takes donations of all kinds (including candy) and sends them to our troops overseas. For my brother-in-law who served 4 years overseas until being injured, any type of comfort food from home was so welcomed.

(I think his request was Skittles, if I’m not mistaken.)

Please go HERE to find out how to donate.





And last, give your kids the chance to make some dough. Many dentists have a buy back program where kids can bring in their candy and get paid per pound for their loot. See HERE if your dentist participates (or just call ‘em up.)


Have a happy and healthy Halloween everyone! May it be filled with a little more spooky fun, and less sugar comas!

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