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Oct 27

Creative BioScience Month 1 Update

Remember how I’m a doing a 90 day challenge with Creative Bioscience?

Update 1: It’s been a little over a month since I received the African Mango 1200 diet pills. When I started taking the diet pills, I was working out religiously but then our Fall Break came and I stopped exercising on a regular basis. I’m a teacher at the local high school so when a break came, so then came a break to my routine. When school/work started up again, I got busy with paperwork that needed to be done that I didn’t have a chance to work out for about 2 weeks…or more. I also didn’t change my diet very much. I pretty much ate what I usually ate but in smaller portions, most of the time.

The instructions were to take two pills in the morning and drink lots of water during the day. I did notice that when I first started taking the pills, I felt thirstier than usual. I’m doing my best to drink a lot more water but I don’t know if that factored into the loss at all.

This next month, I’m going to focus on working out more often on a regular basis as well as small-ER portions. Just because I have a small bowl/plate doesn’t mean I should go for seconds.

Weight Loss: I have lost about four pounds.

Although I was just checking out the African Mango 1200 product page again and noticed that the very last line said I should be taking ONE capsule thirty minutes before each meal TWICE a day. Which confused me since the BOTTLE says to take two in the morning. I’m not too sure what do about that so I’ll let you know what I ended up doing in the next update.

I was not paid for this post. I have received product to facilitate my review.

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