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Sep 07

Snickering and Giggles Over “Almost Naked Animals” DVD

I don’t know what it is about bathroom talk that makes kids roll with laughter, but it always does. And the next funniest topic is UNDERWEAR, of course!

Brought to you by Cartoon Network, here is a bit about “Almost Naked Animals.

PhotobucketLed by Howie, the fun-loving, hospitality-challenged canine manager, the Banana Cabana is a beachfront resort hotel. It is home to mayhem, destruction and all-around fun! Keeping everything running smoothly at a busy hotel is a tough job, but it helps when you have friends!

There are many different funny characters and quirky stories that it’s not hard to find the show entertaining. PhotobucketLiving in Hawaii I liked Octo’s character the best, his relaxed personality goes well with Island living. The adventures that the Banana Cabana crew experience are quite creative and amusing.

As a parent, I warn that the show does not teach any lessons or morals and their humor can be a bit to adjust to. I found that some episodes were quite funny and not at all crude, whereas others I would prefer that my children not watch. Although the topic of running around in our underwear brought up many learning conversations at my house. So I guess we did learn something from watching “Almost Naked Animals.”

PhotobucketI can see our family watching the shows once in awhile. I did however really enjoy their products. We received a tote bag, notebook and t-shirt. My son loves to carry the tote bag around because of the duck in his underwear, he thinks it is quite funny. My daughter has claimed the notebook as her own, she knows that no one will mistake this notebook as theirs. And my other daughter has really enjoyed the t-shirt, she loves to show it off to all her friends.

So whether it is the show or the products, my kids of all different ages enjoyed Almost Naked Animals.Check out: Almost Naked Animals “Online Super Game” on Cartoon Network: Cabana Craze.

*I was not paid or compensated for this review. I was given a DVD of Almost Naked Animals, a tote bag, kids t-shirt & notebook to facilitate this review. Any and ALL opinions here are my own. MAHALO for reading.*



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