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Sep 13

Having Hands Free while using Mombo Nursing Pillow


Every Mom of a new baby needs a nursing pillow of some sort. I find it to be an essential need in those first few months of a new baby. BUT what is the best kind? Does it really matter which brand you buy….well I think YES!


A little about the Mombo Nursing Pillow from Comfort & Harmony

Butterfly Whispers™, inspired by all the sweetness of those precious moments with baby.  Whimsical butterflies whisper in white over pink in a heartwarming pattern both mom and baby are sure to love!

Mombo™ offers a unique Firm2Soft™ design for better nursing support and positioning, plus a soothing vibration feature for lounging. Customize your mombo with an assortment of stylish slipcover fashions.

Being a mother of now 6, I was comfortable in my ways using my “other” nursing pillow…but the soothing vibration feature intrigued me to TRY the Mombo Nursing Pillow. I received the pillow and rotated using the Mombo Nursing Pillow and my old nursing pillow to compare. I was very critical of the Mombo nursing pillow at first, but as I tried it more and more I loved it MORE & MORE! I was a little offended that it was so tight around my belly, but the snug fit became one of my favorite features. That snug fit made the pillow at just the right height that it allowed me to nurse the baby and use both hands to work at a desk or type on the computer. My other favorite feature is how light weight the Mombo pillow is, I can easily carry baby in one arm and grab the pillow with a few fingers using the same hand. This is perfect for those midnight feedings allowing my other arm to find my way around the room in our barely lit room.


Besides using the Mombo nursing pillow for it is designed for, I love to lay my baby on the pillow to give her some tummy time, to work out her neck muscles and of course to allow her some entertaining relaxation time to be soothed by vibrations to sleep.


HIGHLIGHTS of the Mombo Nursing Pillow:

*Snug Fit for a hands free feeding

*Light weight for easy holding & carrying

*Soothing Vibrations for a nice place for baby to doze



Even my older little one loves to snuggle the Mombo and use it as her comfy pillow. She snuggled right up to the Mombo Nursing Pillow and quickly fell asleep.

I would definitely recommend this item for the NEW mom. It would also make a great gift for the expectant mother.


Available to purchase at your local Toy’s R Us, or visit them ONLINE.

*I was not paid or compensated for this post. I was given a Mombo nursing pillow to facilitate this review. Any and ALL opinions here are my own. MAHALO for reading.*

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