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Sep 18

G.I.Joe Renegades…JOE TO THE RESCUE!

PhotobucketWho isn’t a fan of G.I.Joe?! The toys, the movie, and NOW the Cartoon TV series….we LOVE a good G.I.Joe adventure!

Soldiers … heroes … outlaws. On the run after being accused of crimes they didn’t commit, six young G.I.s battle to clear their names — and expose the real bad guys, COBRA Industries. The world thinks this giant corporation is the good guys, but it’s really run by evil people who want to rule the planet. It’s up to these renegade Joes to stop COBRA and save the world — and themselves.

After enjoying the movie G.I.Joe: The Rise of Cobra in 2009, my husband and I wanted our little boys to enjoy the action and adventure of a G.I.Joe movie but something that was age appropriate. G.I.Joe Renegades TV series has fulfilled our need, our boys love the action and adventure of the Joes! With a great story line, this animated series is quite entertaining, even for us adults. My husband likes the G.I.Joe Renegades so much its hard to pull him away from watching it.


Available on Blu-ray, this action packed 3-disc set collects all 26 adventure-filled episodes AND a behind-the-scenes look at G.I.JOE: RENEGADES bonus feature. It is great animation and writing, keeping you and your children’s attention. I like to buy TV series because we can just watch a 30 minute episode and turn it off if we want, or we can continue and watch MANY episodes. We usually can’t start an episode and not watch 3 or 4, we love the G.I.JOE: RENEGADES, it is so fun!

It is one of the best KIDS TV Series available lately. As a parent I am on constant watch for foul language, inappropriate humor or conversations or annoying phrases that my kids might repeat. I’m happy to say that G.I.JOE: RENEGADES has none of that! It is a worry-free show, and that is awesome!


The Blu-ray is available for pre-order onĀ Amazon.com.

*I was not paid or compensated for this review. Any and all opinions here are my own. Mahalo.*

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