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Sep 22

Foto Friday – Sea of Glass

Aloha friends and Moana Readers. It’s Foto Friday!

Today I thought I would share a snapshot of the ocean. Some days the sea is as calm as glass with it’s bright green and blue colors. Love it.

Happy Aloha Friday!

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I'm a stay-at-home mom living in a Hawaiian paradise with my husband and our three darling daughters. When I'm not playing in the surf I'm cooking in the kitchen (my foodie blog:, reading, playing sports with my family, or trying my hand at crafting. Here at Moana Saves I look forward to sharing with you my reviews and recommendations of products that will hopefully bring the same ease and enjoyment to your home as it does to mine.

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  1. Apartmani Zaton

    How beautiful is this picture of a beach. I have always felt so lucky if I wake up in the morning and sea the beauty of nature which is the sunrise from the beach. It always brings me good vibes, feeling the freedom of enjoying the nature beauty. Thanks for sharing this picture, this is so calming…

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