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Aug 12

YoCrunch Vanilla with Motts®

Are you looking for Back to School lunch ideas?

I recently had the opportunity to taste YoCrunch’s® NEWEST yogurt multipacks, YoCrunch® with Mott’s® Applesauce.  Have you tried this delicious blend? Yogurt + applesauce…who knew?! The vanilla yogurt is sweet and creamy and mixing it with the fruity applesauce makes a great combination.

The two varieties I tasted were:

  • Vanilla nonfat yogurt with applesauce, topped with real apple pieces
  • Vanilla nonfat yogurt with strawberry applesauce, topped with cookie crunchies

My favorite was the vanilla with applesauce and dehydrated apple chunks on top. This flavor had less calories than the cookie crunchies (I’m dieting), I liked the idea of eating something that was more natural (apples vs cookies, both delicious but if you’re more health conscious the apples are a fun topping that’s also healthier for your family) and the apple pieces added a tart pop of flavor to the sweet yogurt mixture that I love.

My family and I enjoyed our YoCrunch® while picnicking at the beach. The YoCrunch multipacks are packaged well for travel in school lunches or to picnics. If you want to add a fun and healthy treat to your kids’ lunches I highly recommend a YoCrunch® yogurt. With their sprinkle toppings, they’ll be exciting for your kids and at the same time you’ll be sneaking a healthy yogurt into their diets.

BUY: You can purchase this newest addition to the YoCrunch yogurt family exclusively at Walmart right now and in most grocery chains by early 2013.

*I was not compensated for this post. I did receive product to facilitate my review. All opinions here are my own. Aloha!

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I'm a stay-at-home mom living in a Hawaiian paradise with my husband and our three darling daughters. When I'm not playing in the surf I'm cooking in the kitchen (my foodie blog: dishlist.blogspot.com), reading, playing sports with my family, or trying my hand at crafting. Here at Moana Saves I look forward to sharing with you my reviews and recommendations of products that will hopefully bring the same ease and enjoyment to your home as it does to mine.

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