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Aug 06

Children’s Book – “Sara and Geoffrey Donate Clothes”

I recently received this children’s book to share with my kids:

Sara & Geoffrey Donate Clothes! Adventures to Save the World

Meet Sara & Geoffrey, two wonderful kids who are always on an adventure. They can’t wait to do things that are not only fun but more importantly — special. They come up with simple ideas that they can do to make a little difference to the world. Even though they are young, they can still make an impact and put a smile onto not only our faces but on those who they have helped along the way. So join Sara & Geoffrey on their exciting adventure to SAVE THE WORLD!

This is a fun little story that teaches kids how to help those around us. Sara & Geoffrey are two kids who are doing their best to make a difference. Here’s a clip showing more of the story and illustrations included in this book:

What I really like about this book is the generosity of the authors.

70% of proceeds are donated to charities around the world!

How cool is that? Sara & Geoffrey is dedicated to teach kids and to remind adults that giving back is always fun and rewarding.

Visit their site HERE to purchase the book and learn more about their mission.


*I was not compensated for this post. Any and all opinions here are mine. Aloha!

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