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Jul 31

A Review of Cutey Jewelry

Cutey Jewelry

As a mom with multiple kids, shopping for new clothes is kind of a distant fading memory of my younger, pre-children years. I buy a new outfit maybe once a year, for my husband’s work Christmas party, and even then, it’s on a budget.

Two years ago, not only did he have a work Christmas party, but also his boss’ New Years Eve/Birthday party. I had to come up with two different fab outfits in 2 weeks… and only half a budget for one.

Another wise mom settled my worries and told me “just accessorize differently, it’ll change the whole outfit.”

She’s brilliant.

And since that ah-ha! moment accessories have helped me mix around and come up with new outfits without having to buy everything new.

So I was excited when I was given the chance to review Cutey- a UK based jewelry company, specializing in quality charm bracelets and baubles that won’t disappoint.

Their charm bracelets are sturdy, chunky and fun to wear.

The clasp looks like one of the charms and it’s easy to put on. They come in cute colors, with different accent beads for each themed bracelet.

I received Pontus, and was really stoked. (Turquoise is my fav, and turtles are good luck here, in Hawaii.) The charm bracelets are non-adjustable and run a little small, so if you’ve got larger wrists, go for the Shamballa bracelet by Cutey.

The Shamballa bracelets are inspired by a mythical kingdom known in Buddhism as Sambhala, a place of peace and happiness. There are nine Shamballa bracelet color combos to choose from, each with clay beads, encrusted with 84 crystals each. They are adjustable (you have to pull a little bit to get it to move, but that’s good thing!), and can fit any wrist. They are chunky and will add just the right amount of sparkle to any outfit. I received Gold on White, and can think of many outfit combos, dressed up or down for this one. It’s versitility is a definite plus! On their website they described it as “milk and honey”. Who doesn’t want that on their wrist?!

I admire Cutey for taking the charm bracelet up a knotch, making it sturdy and more classy. The Shamballa bracelets are fun, sparkly, and unique- One that will catch eyes, for sure. And both lines of bracelets are made to last!

You can buy Cutey jewelry on their site HERE, or check them out on Facebook HERE.


*I was not paid to write this post, but did receive bracelets in order to facilitate this review. Any and all opinions are my own.

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