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Jun 26

Review of K5 Learning Online Curriculum for Kids

Nothing pains me more than to see my 7 year-old struggling to add numbers and still counting on her fingers. Don’t get me wrong, she loves math, but when those timed tests come around, she struggles. I know she needs to catch up before she’s introduced to new concepts, and she’ll need a strong base if she’s going to grasp those new ideas.

So, I already had planned to hit the books with her this summer regarding her basic addition and subtraction.

I was budgeting for ink and paper to make copies, books to buy, flash cards to assemble, and then I was offered the chance to review K5 Learning (perfect timing). K5 Learning is an educational website with online lessons for kids in the subjects of math, reading, and spelling.

It saved me paper, time and sanity. I was able to spend more time helping them LEARN and less time prepping.

And when the kids asked to stream “My Little Pony” again, I was able to easily persuade them to play “math and reading games” instead.

They got to pick their own kiddie avatar complete with football pads, or a crown as the situation would call for.

And each of my three kids got their own login, which to them was way cool. Passwords like “hook” and “rocks” always make them feel super stealth.

I got a parent login where I could monitor their progress, see reports for each subject, give them new assignments, or change the settings on their accounts. This actually gives you more flexibility to cater to your child’s need than any other online program I’ve seen.


Now on to the academics:


First, anyone is able to do a FREE ASSESSMENT for their child in the subjects of reading and math, and check out SAMPLE LESSONS.


K5 Math- Each section begins with a pretest, and continues on with lessons that focus on ONLY two factor sentences at a time (i.e. 2+2= ? and 3+2=?), and all the way up through the number scale. (This is key in helping the kids memorize the facts.) The kids are given the chance to learn the facts in a fun lesson using a story or situation, then they are tested to see if they can remember the math facts. The kicker here is HOW FAST they can enter the answer and hit return. This has been key in helping my kids learn these facts without counting on their fingers. My daughter is doing SO MUCH better! She can add without counting on her fingers (and seriously we had been working on this all through 2nd grade!) They also have a more comprehensive section that uses spacial objects to demonstrate math facts. My 4-year-old son, who has never been to school is learning his facts quickly and actually asks me if he can do math. Can we say score?! Check out more about K5 Math Facts, and why it’s so important for kids to have instant recall for basic math.


K5 Spelling- For spelling the kids are asked to spell a set of words. If the child spells the word right the first time, they are not asked that word again making the spelling section super efficient. Word they do get wrong, they are asked to spell again while being shown the letters they did get right (positive reinforcement is always good). They get to keep practicing the words until they get them right. I can even go in and give them spelling words that I want them to learn, which gives me more flexibility and my kids a chance to learn words that perhaps they are reading in a library book or in another lesson at home. My six-year-old son is getting words more quickly and getting past the inventive spelling stage so this was great for him. The spelling section also includes options for learning SAT, GRE, TOEFL, and ELL words. Let’s face it, that’s just impressive! *Note- It’s aimed for grades K-5.


K5 Reading- Reading starts with sight words. Each lesson revolves around a set of words that the child is asked to recognize in consecutive sentences, and then given a speed test or “game” to see how fast they can spot the word and click on it. When they master a set of sight words, they move on to new words. After sight words, the kids go on to master grammar, phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, and reading comprehension. It’s very thorough. My daughter really loved this section!


Each section offers a set of “games” the kids get to play after finishing a lesson, in which they must also use the math facts or words they learned to play. The kids loved the chance to earn arcade time which is set at 3 minutes, and no more.


The only thing I don’t like about K5 learning is that I don’t have an extra 2 laptops so my kids don’t fight over the computer. I’m dead serious.

And It may appear a little pricey if you have multiple children at home, but if you compare it with the money you’ll spend on paying a tutor, buying other curriculums, supplemental programs, or sending them to preschool, you’re definitely going to save BIG!


Another very cool thing about K5 Learning is that you can join their KIVA group which is a non-profit organization which allows people to lend money through the internet to entrepreneurs in developing countries around the world. The money goes to women that otherwise could not afford to educate their children. VERY. COOL.


I would recommend K5 learning to anyone – homeschoolers, public school parents who want to supplement, those with kids struggling with these subjects in school, or just those parents with younger than school age kids who want to give their children a jump start for school. It was a success in our home!



To subscribe to K5 Learning go and get your own FREE 2 week trial go HERE!

Check out their BLOG, or hit them up on FACEBOOK or TWITTER!

* I was not paid to review K5 Learning, but did receive a 6 week free trial in order to see how effective it really was. (And it really was!)

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