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Jun 08

Feeling Good in My Jala Clothing Yoga Pants


Or at least that’s what these yoga pants said to me when I pulled them out of the package. (If yoga pants could talk, right?)

I will tell you that putting on yoga pants has never had so much meaning to me (and I’ve worn a lot of yoga pants).

My mom was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer 3 weeks ago. Since then life has been a complete roller coaster of emotions, life reflection, and lifestyle change.

Go vegan, the doctors said. Exercise and take care of yourself they said.

New revelations? Hardly.

My mom is still relatively young and not only is hard for me to watch what she is about to go through, but it’s a serious wake up call for me.

I am now categorized as high risk for breast cancer.

(It doesn’t make much room for “This could never happen to me”.)

Change my diet and lifestyle when I get cancer? No, thank you.

I want to change NOW.

Needless to say, our menu, time values, and outlook on life have changed.

What’s more, I just finished an American Cancer Society Relay For Life event, for which I was the Survivorship Chair. (Irony, anyone?) I teased my mom, telling her I wanted her support, but that I didn’t need her to become one of my Survivors! Humor always softens the blow, right?

And yes, I wore my Jala Yoga Pants the WHOLE 24 hours of the event (and then some)! I knew they were the only pants I had that would allow me to be up and moving for that amount of time, and I was right.

And I’ve decided that I DO need to grab life by the horns. I need to get up and MOVE,  BREATHE,  and BE IN THE PRESENT.

It’s not just something that happens once a year when I sit down with my kids and make resolutions about lifestyle, spirituality, and health that I totally plan on keeping all 365 days of the year, or at least most of them. Or when I gather with family and friends once a year to fight back against a disease.

It’s a real. physical. everyday. fight.

A fight for health, well-being, and longevity.

And Monday always feel like New Year’s Eve to me, a day to start again.

The end of the week is always my check point. Did I exercise? Did I eat right? Did I do everything I could to make sure that I will have a great quality of life?

Next week and every week following, I want to say YES.

That’s not to say that my week will be perfect and I ran 3 miles every day, because we all know with 5 kids that’s not bound to happen. But more-so that I made an effort.

There are a few things that play into the motivation of getting up and moving, and one of the big ones is wardrobe.

As much as we all know that wardrobe does not determine the person, I will say that wardrobe definitely determines attitude.

If you look good, feel good, are wearing clothes are don’t restrict your movement, and you have determination, the possibilities are endless.

Putting on Jala Yoga Pants makes me feel that way. And I need to feel that way. (I’ve got a lot to do!)

To feel liberated and confident is a gift, and to bring to point- you can’t do yoga or any form of beneficial exercise wearing jeans (even if it’s your favorite soft, worn pair.  Yes, I’ve tried).

Jala Yoga pants are 95% cotton and 5% spandex making them completely breathable, flexible, and have a gathered waist that makes a perfect silhouette no matter which way you turn. The elastic holds it’s place but is comfortable and soft (unlike some yoga pants that, after time, lose shape and start to slip down as you move or bend).  The pants are decorated with two beautiful mandalas, making them distinguished, and modern.

They’re durable, easy to clean, and feel good on. These will definitely be on my Christmas wish list. (You know, just in time for New Year’s.)

Here’s to feeling good and making every day count!

BUY: You can purchase Jala Clothing online at their site or at participating retailers nationwide.

*I was not compensated for this review, although I did receive a pair of Jala pants. Any and all opinions here are my own. Aloha!

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