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May 21

Udi’s Buns

Gearing up for the summer means you need to stock up on the necessities: hamburgers, buns and lots of chips. WELL if your husband is on a Gluten-FREE diet like mine, that makes things VERY DIFFICULT! I have searched for many recipes that are gluten-free and surprisingly there are tons! But bread and buns are something rather difficult to make at home, maybe its because I’m new at the gluten-free recipe thing or I’m just not experienced enough in making those items. So now I am on the hunt for MANY gluten-free products in the grocery store. I HAVE FOUND the Summer BBQ answer in Udi’s BUNS!
I enjoyed the flavor of the BUNS, they weren’t dense like some gluten-free products are. They tasted fresh and were perfect for our BBQ cook-out. The true test of a gluten-free product is the NEXT DAY flavor….sometimes gluten-free products don’t hold up well in the fridge or the day AFTER you’ve cooked them. WELL Udi’s Buns passed the TEST!

A few of the products they offer are: Bagles, Bread, Buns, Granola, Cookies, Muffins, Brownies, Pizza and MORE!
I was fortunate to try their Snickerdoodle cookies. I was VERY apprehensive at first…mostly because I’m a Snickerdoodle SNOB! yes I make the best…but mine aren’t GLUTEN-FREE. Well low and behold they made a DANG GOOD SNICKERDOODLE COOKIE! My husband and I snarfed them down in a few minutes they were just light in texture, wonderful cinnamon/sugar flavor and seriously you couldn’t tell they were Gluten-Free at all! I give them 5 STARS for creating such a wonderful gluten-free cookie. I can’t wait to try the REST of their cookies and goodies!

Besides offering some great tasting products they have unique recipes to go along with it! I’m always on the hunt for new recipes, especially Gluten-Free.

Their selection is great and their prices is what is to be expected for gluten-free, BUT you can find coupons RIGHT on their site! Now that is awesome, great taste & health for an ok price! Can’t BEAT THAT!


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*I was not paid or compensated for this review. Any and All opinions are my own. I was given some Udi Bun’s and snickerdoodle cookies to facilitate this review! MAHALO*

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