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May 31

Tips for Becoming a First Class Blogger

We here at Moana Saves have been blogging for over a year! Nearly two! (we have avoided anniversaries, however, so that we don’t feel our age . . . ) You can bet I have advice after blogging for awhile. While blogging isn’t necessarily an art, it takes a lot of consistent hard work and the rewards can be social, psychological and financial. Learn from our mistakes¬†progress. Seriously.

As you start to blog and shape your site’s niche/identity, it’s a good idea to use free resources to get going. Blogger is the blog host that makes sense as it is free. If you don’t like having ‘blogspot’ in your URL, it is easy to buy a URL through Blogger for an annual fee. After a year or so of consistent blogging with Blogger, that’s when I would recommend upgrading to WordPress as your content management system as you have more freedom configuring the design and content of your blog with it. But in the beginning, when you’re creating the groove of your blog, KISS (keep it simple, silly (ha!)) with Blogger.

Write blog posts for your blog on a regular basis so that you attract new readers with new content and you keep your regular audience coming back for more. Create a calendar for posting and make sure you stick to it. Alternate different kinds of posts. Link to blog content you like and add your own commentary. You can even theme-ify your posts so that you write and schedule a certain post for a certain day of the week. Obvious examples of this would be some common memes you’ll see across a variety of blogs like “Wordless Wednesday” or “Friday round up of links”. You can create your own based on your niche or join up with a popular blog meme. Keep readers coming back to your blog by posting consistently. Remember that content is king!

Make sure you use SEO¬†or search engine optimization to that your posts show up in searches. When writing a blog post about crate training for puppies, make sure your keywords are in your title, in a subtitle or two if you use them, in the tags or categories you use, even label the images you’re using in the article with your keywords. Google bots are crawling, crawling, crawling and you want to make sure they know EXACTLY what your post is about so that Google can direct people to you who are searching for info about crate training for puppies. To learn more about optimizing your blog content with SEO, google it. There are many out there writing content about SEO, both beginner info and the more advanced stuff.

Track your traffic! Most people reading blogs don’t leave comments. You can see what is popular on your blog by tracking your traffic. On the back end of your blog, you should be able to see how many hits your blog gets. If you can see which posts they’re going to, then you know what is drawing readers to your blog. If you can see the keywords guiding people to your site during searches, then you may want to write more on that subject. Give your readers more of that great content!

If you’re doing all of the above, that means people are coming to your blog to read what you have to say. Keep it up, get even better at blogging, and you can earn money from your blog. Yes, its true! If you’re good at blogging within your chosen niche, your audience will grow. You can monetize your blog by using ads from ad networks. Google Adsense is probably the easiest and best known to get started with. While blogging will not make you rich, in most cases (unless you’re Darren Rowse or the Pioneer Woman), it can definitely be a way to supplement your family’s income.

Enjoy blogging! Interact with your readers who leave comments, plan fun memes or posts you can write. Blogging is an opportunity to add your voice to the online conversation about your niche. When you do so with your own unmistakable style, then you’ll definitely create some blogging magic!

Okay, that’s all I’ve got. If you work hard and blog consistently, you’ll be writing a much better article than this about getting started with blogging. Apply what you’ve learned here and have some fun with it all!

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Anna lives on the North shore of Oahu with her husband, daughters, ages 14 and 9, and a little dog. She likes to read, write, go for walks, bake with the 9 year old and take naps.

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  1. Ronni Keller

    GREAT info! It’s a tough gig to break into but a fun and rewarding one when you do for sure!

  2. Heather ~ Acting Balanced Mom

    I actually suggest not watching your stats as much – if you focus on great content your stats will grow…

  3. Debi@ The Spring Mount 6 Pack

    Great tips. I agree with watching stats a bit but not too much. Don’t get too obsessed with it.

  4. Ellen Christian

    Great tips! I monitor my stats but definitely make sure not to get too caught up with your numbers.

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