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May 03

Kids Sculpting Fun with Nickelodeon GAK and Floam

Nickelodeon Gak & Floam was something that I remember playing with as a kid at friend’s houses. Introduced in the 1990′s it was the new Playdough! Sadly I grew up too fast to really play with it often.

BUT Nickelodeon’s Floam and Gak are BACK, completely reformulated. I’m excited to see how MY KIDS take to it.

Gak is a stretchy and squishy collectible compound that keeps kids entertained. It has an unusual texture and unique abillity to make wacky sounds by squeezing it. It comes available in many colors, including: red, blue, yellow, green, pink & purple.

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My little guy LOVED IT. We found it difficult to get out of the gak container at first, but after he got hold of it, he went to town with it! He squeezed it, stretched it, rolled it, twisted and off course make it FLRRRRRRT! That may have been his favorite part, to squish it back into its container. My bigger kids loved it even more. THEY made it bounce and blew bubbles in it. It kept the kids entertained for a long time.

As a parent I liked how clean up was pretty easy, and it kept my kids busy and happy for a while. They do warn to keep it away from carpet, just like other products like this I can see a BIG mess if it got into carpet. But other than that I’m PRETTY PLEASED with Gak! It seems to be an all around an awesome wacky toy for the kids!


NIckelodeon Floam is a reusable molding compound designed to encourage creative expression. Mold, fold, flatten, and roll FLOAM into any creation imaginable. Floam can be squished back into its air-tight container for reuse, or kids can let their creations harden overnight so they can be kept forever as a work of art. It also comes in MANY colors; red, blue, yellow, green, pink and purple.  Check out all cool things about FLOAM at

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As for our test trial, this FLOAM was definitely for my older kids, 6 years and older. They created all sorts of things; from fish, happy faces, snowman, furniture for little toys, etc. My girls were enthralled for quite some time, giggling and having so much fun. The texture was fun and crazy.

My thoughts as MOM; this was much harder to clean up. The little Floam pieces got stuck to clothes, under fingernails and in many places. I LOVED how it inspired their creativity, but I know that I would have to supervise even my big girls while they played with it, so it wouldn’t get into or on things and potentially stain their clothes.

Overall, if the kids LOVED it, I loved it!

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