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Apr 30

Resolve Stain Remover for Laundry

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I do laundry once a week. Yes, once. This may seem fine to some of you but to others it may seem like I don’t do it enough. I mention this because I was talking to some friends and they do laundry ALL the time as in everyday or every other day. Since I’m not a stay at home mother, washing clothes once a week seems quite reasonable and gets the clothes and other dirty laundry I need washed to be clean.

Whenever I get stains I need to take care of when I do laundry, I don’t usually don’t do anything about it and just hope the washer and laundry detergent does a good enough job that it will just wash out. It usually doesn’t. So then I end up with light-ER stains on the clothes. Hence my poor family still has stains on their clothes. I just hope people don’t think my kids are not taken care of.

But I now have a new friend. Resolve All-Stains

Resolve All-Stains

 From chocolate, lipstick stains, grass stains, mustard, grease!, even wine stains out of your clothes so you can keep your family looking their best!

New Resolve All-Stains is a dual-action stain remover that rids clothes of stains that simply won’t go away. A trusted name in stain fighting for over 25 years, Resolve offers this new, unique formula that has two chambers – one that has a formula specifically for oxygen stains (dressings, sauces, condiments, coffee, juice, etc), and one for enzyme stains (greasy foods, grass, dirt and chocolate) – to help you tackle any stain you may encounter. And because the formulas mix together during application, you don’t even need to know what the stain is, and sometimes, you don’t want to ask! Available now at WalMart and Target for less than $5, Resolve All-Stains will help you take the gamble out of stain fighting once and for all.

It is the coolest thing ever. It has two spouts because it has two different chemicals that work best when squished together on the actual stain. So one must be careful not to mix the chemicals together on the bottle. There are directions on the bottle that tell you where to squeeze to get the chemicals out as well as clear directions on how to use the stain remover.

I decided to use it on my daughter’s shirt that had fresh stains as well as old, washed and dried on stains. I put the Resolve on the stains, mixed as directed and let it sit for about five minutes (according to the bottle, do not let the chemicals stay on the garment for longer than five minutes). While the shirt was sitting in the Resolve, I put the other clothes in the washer and some other laundry related items before I started the washer. After the wash was done I checked the shirt to see if the stains had disappeared. The old dried stains were still there. I think old washed stains that don’t come out are a lost cause. However, the new stains were gone! Hooray!!

After I did that laundry, my husband told me about some of his stains that he didn’t let me know about before I did the washing. I’m hoping they aren’t lost causes and that Resolve will work and get rid of the pen marks! Plus my son had a nosebleed today at preschool and got a bunch of blood on his shirt, I have some other clothes that also need some stain removal… so I’m super stoked to do some laundry with Resolve this weekend!! Stain removal here I come! Thanks to my new best friend, Resolve All-Stains!!

Don’t forget to go and visit Resolve’s Facebook page ( to enter to win a washer, dryer and year’s supply of All-Stains as part of the “Are You a Stain Gambler?” quiz.  On the Facebook page, you’ll also find more information on the product and fun games to pass the time while you wait for the clothes in the washer.


I was not compensated for this blog post although I did receive a free product to facilitate this review.  Any and all opinions here are my own.

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