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Apr 22

Bop It XT Review and GIVEAWAY!


My sister came to visit me a couple of weeks ago, and that’s a HUGE deal.

I moved out when she was 11 years old, and I’ve seen her maybe 5 times since then (She’s 24 now).

She’s a fashionista, barista, french/psychology major who lives in Portlandia,

and I’m a stay at home-ista, wear my pajamas-ista,bachelor’s degree holding graduate of BYU-Hawaii, and drinking Yoo-hoo while raising 5 kids.

Yes, we are different. She comes over and shows me how to do my hair and makeup, what to wear, and then spoils my kids with things I would never buy them. She’s an awesome auntie. Luckily she’s pretty easy going too, so when her vacay to see us consisted of going to the beach, getting good eats, and then changing diapers, and calming crazy kids in between, she was really good about it.

One thing we do have in common is games. Boardgames, charade games, card games, mystery games, computer games, video games, made-up-on-the-spot games you name it, we’ll go for it.

And we’re super competitive too, in a loving way…

Once, when we were playing a game, she made me laugh so hard I puked.

True story. (She’s evil-minded, I tell you. It was some sort of ploy…)

So when Bop It XT by Hasbro was brought to our door, she laughed as I scrambled to open it before the kids jumped on me, and then laughed harder when I bribed them with jellybeans to leave me alone while I played it.

The kids finally got it away from me, and they played, obeying it’s every command. (Note to self- learn how to get the kids to obey me the same way they obey the Bop It XT.)

Then my husband had to take a turn. I think his high score was 32. Once there was a high score recorded, that was it. She grabbed it, and didn’t stop til she had 75 points, and we are all still trying to beat her high score, while she laughs and taunts us with her limber arms and cat-like reflexes.

To play the game you simply hold Bop It XT in your hands, and push the button in the center. It will command you to do one of six actions (twist, pull, spin, flick, shake, or bop) and you must do it before time runs out. It’s quick, and the person who can obey the most commands without going cross-eyed and messing up wins.

It’s very durable (we’ve had it for 3 weeks and my kids haven’t broken it yet), and it’s one game you’ll never lose a piece of. Har har…

It has three volumes, and multiple settings- solo playing, multiple players, and a party option. Very cool.

Oh, and I forgot to mention it’s got a groovy electronic beat in the background.

My sister’s boyfriend found he did better and got a higher score when he danced to it while he was playing. (It was so funny to watch, I should have recorded it!) And he swore it was way better than the original Bop It he had when he was a kid.

It’s quite entertaining and is a family favorite we will continue to enjoy for many years to come. We are big on Family Game Nights!

And, lucky you! You get the chance to win Bop It XT and create your own family memories! (hopefully none of which are as uh, “memorable” as mine…she won’t let me live it down either…Punk.)

Where to purchase Bop It XT:

One lucky Moana Saves reader will win their very own Bop It XT game.

Enter below in the Rafflecopter widget to win!

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  1. Lucy Lopez

    I want to win.

  2. Claire

    i wanna win!@

  3. Debbie Jackson

    i wanna win

  4. Jackie

    Would love to win this for the family. Fun!

  5. Tina Mann

    Sounds like a wonderful time! I always wondered what this was like!

  6. Diane h

    Love all the Bop it games. Thanks for the giveaway

  7. Nicca

    We all want to win but good luck for us! I really hope I will have a bigger chance to win.. Thanks for the opportunity!

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