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Mar 13

Lady and the Tramp Diamond Edition on Disney Blue-Ray

The vault is open and the dogs are loose! Lady and the Tramp Diamond Edition on Blu-ray was released by Disney on February 7th. I know I’m a little behind in getting the word out but I’m just in time to give you some gift buying inspiration for Easter. If you haven’t already purchased a fun gift for the kids or grandkids I highly recommend buying Disney’s Lady and the Tramp.

If you’re not already in love with this adorable movie then let me convince you why it’s one of my favorites. One four letter word is all it takes: dogs. The movie story-line begins with an adorable puppy who grows into an even cuter Lady. She is friends with a funny Scottish terrier, a hound dog, and eventually a wild “Tramp” of a dog. This Tramp gets her into all sorts of trouble including a trip to the pound where an entertaining crew (including the voice talent of Peggy Lee) sing of Tramps adventures. Spoiler alert….all ends well with another sweet bunch of puppies.

Every child LOVES dogs and that’s why I’m sure this movie will be a classic in your home. Some of the bonuses included on this Blu-ray are:

  • Disney Second Screen with Audio Commentary: Inside Walt’s Story Meetings
  • Diane Disney Miller: Remembering Dad
  • Three Never-Before-Seen Deleted Scenes
  • Never Recorded Song: “I’m Free as the Breeze”
  • Classic DVD Bonus includes: Lady’s Pedigree, The Making of Lady and the Tramp; Finding Lady, the Art of the Storyboard; Original 1943 Storyboard Version of the Film; Puppypedia, Going to the Dogs; “The Siamese Cat Song,” Finding a Voice for the Cats; “Bella Notte” Music Video; Trailers; Excerpts from “Disneyland” TV Shows

Blu‐ray & High Definition Digital available NOW!! (in stores February 7, 2012) Suggested Retail Prices 3‐Disc Blu‐ray Combo Pack (Blu‐ray + DVD + Digital Copy) = $44.99 U.S./$51.99 Canada; 2‐Disc Blu‐ray Combo Pack (Blu‐ray + DVD) = $39.99 U.S./$46.99 Canada; 1‐Disc DVD = $29.99 U.S./$35.99 Canada; High Definition Digital = $39.99 U.S./$46.99 Canada; Standard Digital = $29.99 U.S./$35.99 Canada

I was not compensated for this post. Any and all opinions here are mine.


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