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Nov 21

Makes Me Think: The Milk of Human Kindness

As a lifelong cynic,  I was blown away by some of these stories found on, one of those sites where people from all over the world can add their stories that fit into the larger theme of the site.  You only have to start reading on the first page to find tiny stories that remind you of how connected we all are as human beings and how life-affirming it is when we reach out to help each other.  Here are some of those stories I read today:

Today, my son is a competitive freestyle swimmer at the top of his sport both locally and regionally. He was won both the county and state 200 meter and 400 meter races. About six years ago, when my son was only thirteen, I lost my job and struggled to keep a roof over our heads and food on the table. Although it killed me inside, during this time, I had to force my son to dropout of swimming competitions and camps simply because I could not afford the swim gear and associated costs. Once he dropped-out, his swim coach came to our house and insisted that he re-join the team and all the competitions. “He’s too good,” he said. “I will help you pay his way.” And he did. Now six years later, my son received an invite to compete in the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. MMT

Today, at the beginning of an NFL game I attended, they showed a bald woman on the big screen ecstatically cheering for her team as she held hands with both her son and husband. In his other hand, her son was holding a sign that said, “Done with chemo! First tests look clean! This game is our celebration!” The camera crew kept them up on the big screen for at least a full minute and the entire stadium began clapping and cheering for them. MMT

Today, after being laid off for several months from my normal construction job, I returned home from my temporary bus boy job that I’m working just to keep on the lights, and came to the realization that I could either afford to pay the mortgage or buy food for me and my daughter. Due to an unexpected hospital visit this month, I simply didn’t make enough money. As I was sitting alone at my kitchen table trying to figure out what I was going to do, I received a knock on the door from my neighbor who owns a local grocery store. He said, “Some wealthy couple ordered and paid for 50 platters of cold cuts, fruit, salad, and chicken wings for some party they were hosting, but then called me this afternoon and said that they had to cancel the party. When I told them that the food was already prepared and paid for, they said, ‘Give it away to someone who needs it.’ I know you’ve been struggling with your job recently, so I thought of you first.” Needless to say, my daughter and I now have enough food to last us the rest of the month until I get paid again. MMT

Today, at the local convenience store where I work an elderly man with a guide dog came in, went to the aisle with the greetings cards, picked up a card, held it up extremely close to his face, and struggled to read it. Just as I was about to walk over to help him, a big truck driver asked him if he needed assistance reading, and then proceeded to read him almost every single greeting card out loud until the elderly man smiled and said, “That’s perfect! My wife will love that one!” MMT

Today, I’m the head janitor at an investment firm in L.A. Since the engine in my truck failed four months ago I’ve been without a vehicle. In some cities this might be okay, but in the L.A. sprawl with subpar public transit, it’s been difficult. The CEO, who is usually hard on everyone and emotionally removed from any personal issues his employees have, overheard a phone conversation I was having with my wife in which I was apologizing for not spending enough time with the family due to the long public transit commute times. Ten minutes later, he caught me in the hall and handed me a set of car keys. “The new executive company cars arrived. One of them is for me. But it sounds like you need it more than I do. I have another set of wheels. It’s parked out back. It’s yours for as long as you need it.” MMT

Today, I work as a cashier at Target. Directly across from my register we have a large holiday charity donation box for needy kids sitting to the left of the 50 cent gumball and toy machines. On five separate occasions over the course of the last week, I have witnessed kids standing in front the gumball and toy machines, thinking about what to get, then reading the information on the donation box, and putting their 50 cents in there instead. MMT

Today, it’s been several months now that I’ve been considering suicide as an option. I told no one. Today I randomly made a wish at 11:11 when a friend I hadn’t heard from in awhile texted me to do so. Then he randomly showed up at my apartment around lunchtime an hour later just to say hi. We ended up talking for almost five straight hours about my issues, and I feel so much better right now – better than I have in ages. The wish I made at 11:11 was that someone would stop long enough to notice my subtle cries for help. MMT

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Anna lives on the North shore of Oahu with her husband, daughters, ages 14 and 9, and a little dog. She likes to read, write, go for walks, bake with the 9 year old and take naps.

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  1. SJ @ Homemaker On A Dime

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    ok, you made me cry!
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  3. Amy Lutz

    aww thanks for sharing these stories and news of the site

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