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Nov 25

A Review of Skylighter Flying Disc from Aerobie

It’s Thanksgiving.

So I’ll tell you what I’m thankful for.

(Because I know you’re dying to know. Har har.)

Among other things including my amazing husband, my great kids, my loving parents, my health, my faith, etc. I have been thinking… and I have to say that I really, really LOVE our yard.

Lame? Not really.

It’s not pretty, but it’s ours.

We haven’t always had a yard, so I can attest to having wriggly children with no outlet whatsoever.

The yard saves me at least twice daily from irritable children who have “ants in their pants”, and energy spurts that surpass the Energizer bunny.

And it gets worse in the wintertime when the days get shorter. They come in from outside play ready to start up more playtime inside, which is cool. I love my kids, and playing with them.

But if they aren’t tired by bedtime,

needless to say,

it creates extensive bouts of “I need a drink of water!”,

or “I need to go the bathroom!…again…”

or “MOM!” *creeping up the hallway* “What are you doooooiiiiinnnnngggg?”

So, to avoid this banter and self imposed hair loss, I have decided to permanently adopt the Aerobie Skylighter LED Lighted Disc into our family.

(Yes, I’m that fond of it.)

The Aerobie Skylighter flying disc is like a frisbee, but… not.

It’s way better

It’s 12″ in diameter, has a cushioned rim for grip and soft catches, and it’s designed to be incredibly stable (meaning my little ones can throw it and it levels out and actually flies.)

Thank you to whoever invented self esteem in disc form!

It has powerful LED lights that light up the whole disc, has long life replaceable batteries, and the best part- It’s made in our own backyard, the good ‘ol U.S. of A.

My kids are gonna dig it too. (After being “carefully examined” by myself and my hubby *ahem*, we’ve decided that it’s perfect Christmas morning material.) It’s already re-packaged, wrapped and bound to be the coolest thing under the tree this year, for sure.

It’s the perfect solution to being able to stay outside after the sun goes down, and it will get my hubby and I outside with them too. It’s definitely one of those toys you want to play with before you hand it over to the munchkins.

We all do that….right?

*awkward pause*


The Aerobie Skylighter flying disc is sold at Sports Authority, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and most other sporting goods stores.

Recommended for ages 10 and up.

Have at it ya’ll!

* I was not paid to write this post but did receive an Aerobie Skylighter flying disc to facilitate this review. Any and all opinions here are my own.

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