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Oct 25

We Had a Creepy #HEXBUGHalloween Party!

Halloween is a fun filled time of the year. With Zombi Nano Hexbugs on the mind, we threw a Creepy Crawly Bug Bash.
The invites went out:

And the costumes came on…


And the party was on!!!  We had kids in all sorts of bug costumes: stink bugs, cockroaches, and spiders. These kids were more than ready for their zombi hexbugs: micro robotic Creatures. These bugs move just like real life bugs and they flip over by themselves. You can even register them online to play games and learn real science.


They tore open their very own zombi hexbugs out of their coffins and let them go crawling. As they waited for more friends to show up, they had lots of fun playing on the Hexbug Nano Habitat Set. We combined the elevation habitat and the Nano habitat set to make a massive track for the bugs. We had ramps and turns and levels–my husband was MORE than excited to create the habitats. I think he should have dressed up and joined in the BUG fun!


We started with a few games; Tricks or Treats was our favorite. We put some treats in the hexagons and on the opposite side of the track we let a few zombi nano bugs and once your bugs got to the treats, you got to eat them. THE kids loved this one!

Once the kids found out that they could glow in the dark, we HAD to do the Glow in the Dark Race. We first charged them up, turned out the lights and let them loose. The race was crazy;  trying to get your bug down the line was almost impossible…but that was the most fun!
Photobucket   Photobucket

Of course we HAD to race them on the Glow in the Dark Habitat set!

Acting just like our Zombi nano hexbugs, these kids played Zombie Tag.
Photobucket   Photobucket

Our buggy guests visited our creepy food table.
Photobucket  Photobucket

mummy dogs and zombi punch

Photobucket Photobucket

Worms in dirt, popcorn spiders and creepy crawling TREATS!

I think the boys REALLY enjoyed their bugs. The guests went home with their zombi nano bugs and a few prizes. Their goody bags also included some creepy crawly treats along with a Glow in the Dark Hexbug Nano Galileo collection bug and some extra batteries. I know we had some really happy Buggy Guests!

Get your very own Nano Hexbug HERE

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Thanks to MommyParties, MomSelect and Hexbug for this opportunity to through an awesome creepy crawly HEXbug Bash!

*I was not compensated for this review, however I was given a Hexbug nano Halloween Zombie Party kit to throw this party.* Any and all opinions here are my own.

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