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Sep 28

Upromise Helps Parents Dream Big

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Did you know that Upromise is 10 years old? Upromise is celebrating their 10 year birthday by giving their members over $20,000 in prizes! How cool is that? Upromise is pretty cool to begin with. During the 10 years of their rewards program, Upromise has helped members earn more than 600 million dollars for college savings programs. That’s a lot of opportunity for parents and their children!

Now Upromise wants to help families achieve even more of their dreams during this birthday year. You can enter the Upromise to Dream sweepstakes by going www.upromisetodream.com and submitting a story about how as a parent you have a dream for your children.  Not only can you enter the sweepstakes by sharing a story, you can also vote for your favorite stories on the wall.  Upromise is planning to give away $1000 each to 10 winners and $10,000 to the grand prize winner–all of whom will be selected by voters.

What is your dream for your children? Here is the dream that I submitted: “Both my husband and i have moved a little further in the ‘american dream’ than our parents have and i don’t want the burden of having to do better than us to be on my children. i just want them to be happy, confident adults when they grow up who i can be good friends with now that the raising of them has passed.”

Help Upromise celebrate their 10th anniversary by going to the dream wall and submitting your dream for your children. I have already submitted my dream to the dream wall for the Upromise to Dream sweepstakes. It was fun and easy. But best of all it reminded me of the things I want for my children and how a rewards program like Upromise can help me achieve them.

Go check out the Upromise to Dream sweepstakes here. Be sure to read the dream wall official rules so you can win!

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