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Sep 23

Nutrisystem Week Three #nsnation

Nutrisystem logoWeight Loss: 1.4 lbs (weighed one day early due to scheduling issues)

Total for three weeks: 5.8 lbs

Instead of giving you an idea of what I ate for my meals this week, I thought I would mention some things that are working for me and maybe a few that are not.

High Fives

*  A work colleague told me today that I’m looking thinner.  This was my first compliment from someone besides the hubs.  It was fun to hear!

*  Some shortcuts I’ve been using:

  • at work, I keep a bag of carrots and several containers of yogurt handy to eat with my NS lunch entree.
  • at home, I keep a bag of spinach handy for huge salads to go with lunches and dinners.  Paired with my favorite low-fat salad dressing, I’m happy and I stay full.
  • when I’m in a rush and eating on the go, I often eat 3 dried apricots for my required fruit serving and drink 1 cup of skim milk for my dairy/protein serving.  This guarantees that my body gets what it needs and that I don’t get hungry at some inopportune time and eat off-plan.

*  I really, really look forward to my Nutrisystem dessert after dinner.  Knowing I’ll have that in the evening helps me resist treats throughout the day.

High Fives Not So Much

I still haven’t been able to incorporate more movement into my daily routine.  The hubs will be gone for a week and a half and so I’ll be walking the dog while he’s gone.  I plan on stretching those walks out to at least 30 minutes.

Still having trouble drinking water.  Our filtered water system on our fridge keeps breaking so today I’m going to buy a filtered water pitcher to use until the hubs is able to fix the fridge water thingy.  All of us do not like the taste of our tap water so this will get me and the kids drinking more water again.


Overall, I’m happy with my progress and am satisfied everyday with the Nutrisystem foods and the ones I’m adding in.  I’m more than a little excited to see what the next month with #nsnation will bring!

If you’re interested in getting healthy (and losing a little or A LOT of weight), check out Nutrisystem or call (888) 853-4689 for more information!

**I have been selected to participate in the Nutrisystem Nation blogger program. For four months, Nutrisystem will provide me with their meals at no charge for my review. I am not being compensated for my participation.

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