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Sep 23

Moneyball: the Review

What are you really worth?

MoneyballFor this review, three of our bloggers were able to attend a preview of Moneyball which opens today nationwide and stars Brad Pitt, Jonah Hill and Philip Seymour Hoffman.  Read on for their reviews and check out the trailer:

Carol: I don’t really care to watch baseball on tv.  What I do like is watching baseball, ok, sports movies. The ones that focus on the individuals and the stories that are being told. It makes me care about the sport and for the next couple hours, I KNOW the game and all the rules that come with it.

Moneyball is about baseball and the innerworkings of how teams are put together. The story takes place in the early 2000′s in Oakland, CA. As I was watching, all I could think about was that it was “my” team since I had actually gone to a couple games that particular year with my high school buddies. As the movie progresses, you come to care about the people, the players and the game. It’s a movie based on true events but it still got me on the edge of my seat at times!

Little kids under 13 may not enjoy it.  There was some cussing but not too many that you’d have to bring earmuffs.Moneyball is a good date movie and would recommend it as such.


Linds:  Billy Beane wanted to leave a mark on baseball and did it by revising how he chose his teams.  He was different than other general managers because he was once a player himself.  Until this movie, I had never heard his name but I can see the impact he’s made on the game of baseball.   This is an interesting side of professional sports- almost like playing “Go Fish” until you find the right team.  How in the world does a Yale Economics graduate fit into a baseball team?  This is answered in the movie.  There are even some good life lessons about accomplishing goals and even about family.

You’re either a baseball fan or you’re not.  I’m not, neither is my husband, but we both found ourselves enjoying the movie and really liking the humor throughout the show.  Brad Pitt plays Billy Beane and Jonah Hill plays Peter Brand—they make a great duo and really complemented each other in the film.  I could have totally done without watching Brad Pitt spit tobacco every 5 seconds.


Rachel:  I am always excited to see movies based on true stories and events. Moneyball was was no exception. I took a few girlfriends because hubby was out of town and I was unsure how this girls night would turn out with a baseball movie. I was NOT disappointed by Moneyball. I found myself holding my breath, anticipating the next scenes. The story was compelling, I enjoyed the examples of loyalty and family and it had some good laughs. For a sports movie it still made for a fun girls night. Overall I would definitely see it again….and maybe next time I’ll bring the hubby.


We were not compensated for this blog post although we did receive free admission to a move to facilitate our reviews.  Any and all opinions here are our own.

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  1. Dan O.

    It may not feel quite like the classic baseball movie others have achieved, but it’s certainly pleasant enough to be enjoyable even by non-sports fan, and features great performances from Hill and Pitt. Good review. Check out mine when you get a chance.

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