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Aug 30

A Review of Mat Kearney’s new rockin’ album “Young Love”

White boys can’t jump.

But they can rap.

Or at least this white boy can. (see HERE)

And Mat Kearney has done it again. With subtle hints to his rap background, this hip hoppin’ album is sure to go to the top of your list (It’s at the top of mine, and I’m picky).

His third album “Young Love” was released August 2, 2011, including the album’s first single “Hey Mama”.

Check it- (it’s rad.)

This particular song describes the first meeting between Kearney and his new wife at the Anthropologie store in Tennessee. After dating her for a few months, he stole her heart, and now it’s a rockin’ single!

You’ll immediately be drawn in by the rhythms and electronic beats he pulls together along with the soft pop/rock style of his voice and the sincerity of his lyrics, as each song is based on a story from his life.

I don’t buy albums unless I dig every single song.

And this is one of those.


Mat Kearney is an American-born musician from Eugene, Oregon, and is currently based in Nashville, Tennessee, with claim to four top twenty singles on the Adult top 40 Chart.

“Young Love” is available in MP3 and CD formats, and is soon to come out ON VINYL!

How awesome is that?

To buy Mat Kearney’s newest album “Young Love” go HERE.

*I was not paid to write this review, but have had many dance parties in my kitchen as a result of receiving the album. Mahalo to the One2One Network for providing this opportunity to review the album.

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