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Jun 01

A Review, Nosefrida (for your baby)

Boogers. Lots and lots of boogers.

Do I have your attention?

The product I’m about to introduce you to is just as weird and effective as the tactics in the following booger story:

My brother used to get punched in the chest every day by a big Polynesian boy. (This is high school).

My bro is not a wimp (he’s 230 lb. and 6’1”). It hurt, but he didn’t want to lose face in front of his, um, “friend”. He did eventually get sick of it though.
One day when the big poly boy approached him and before he could punch, my brother grabbed his nose, squeezed it as hard as he could and said,

“I hope you have SHARP BOOGERS!”

Needless to say, he never got punched again.

Just a funny booger story.

Gotta love my bro.

He’s so weird.

Anyway, WEIRD and kind of gnarly was what I thought when I saw Nosefrida for the first time at the pediatricians office. It reminded me of the old Polynesian ladies that say, “Back in the day, we would have just sucked them out!”


I really hope that’s one of those “up the hill in the snow, both ways, and barefoot” stories…

Fortunately Nosefrida is much more effective and sanitary! Normally I reach for my bulb aspirator when the babes get all snotty.  But this time around I was lucky enough to have Nosefrida. It is a long hose attached to a tube with a filter in it. You place the aspirator end in the babies nostril (making sure the seal is tight), and then use the hose end to suck the boogies right out!

Here are the goods:

  • It’s safer for your baby. Nasal aspirators that you have to place up inside the babies nose can be harmful if you push too hard or if you hit the nasal passage at the wrong angle.
  • Your suction is stronger than a bulb aspirator.
  • It’s cleaner (surprisingly). The filter that is provided keeps out boogies and bacteria, and you only use it once. You throw it away and use a clean one the next time.
  • The tube end is big enough, you can see what you are sucking out, and it’s easy to clean. Much more sanitary than trying to clean out those bulbs where you can’t see what’s left stuck inside.
  • It’s made in Sweden and is BPA and Phthalate free.

Nosefrida. The Snotsucker. It sucks. Ha…. Ha ha. (yeah, okay, bad joke)…

It really does work! You have to try it!

To buy Nosefrida go to www.nosefrida.com.

Nosefrida can also be found at select Whole Foods, and Kerr Drug stores, as well as online at Target and Babies’R’Us.

*I was not paid to write this review but did receive a Nosefrida Snotsucker so I could let you know how much it doesn’t suck, because it sucks. Ha…ha ha…

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