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May 25

Review of AWAI Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting

My oldest child turns 9 this year.  This year is also the 5th year I have been a working  mom.  Because of this unwelcome reality (having worked more years than being at home with my young children),   I continue to explore the many opportunities out there that have allowed people to quit their day jobs and work from their homes with serious hope that I might be as fortunate as them sometime soon.

One opportunity/idea that has been the most intriguing so far to me, is a program that teaches the art, craft, and business of copywriting. This is not the copyright we see on the first pages of a book with the copyright symbol and the year.  It is something totally separate.  Direct response copywriting  is actually writing that makes people “BUY NOW”.   And, the demand for experienced copywriters is very high and  growing, AND the pay is pretty awesome.   What attracted me at first was that it is program for NON writers as much as it is for writers, does not require much start-up cash, and apparently success depends on diligence and practice of the skills they teach rather than writing skills and polished English, something I’m currently lacking. (editorial comment from Anna: Lisa is being WAY too humble.)

The American Writers & Artists Inc. (AWAI) have created the “Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting.” The program starts with many examples of regular people who have learned and developed the skill of copywriting and have become very successful (and wealthy) copywriters with freedom that most 9-5 working people will never have.  It is a do-able step by step program that is user friendly and what I have enjoyed best is that the language used throughout the book is NOT textbook-like, is easy to understand and apply, often humorous, and consistently motivational.  The program DOES require daily attention and the exercises are time consuming and require hand-writing which for me was surprisingly difficult!  However, I totally believe the force and continually explained reasoning behind the exercises and  believe that the practice will be for my benefit.  I still have a while until I get through the program but would encourage this good read & program to ALL who are looking into a  possible career change and have the energy to commit to learning and practicing the skill of copywriting.  Check out the writing programs available at AWAI here.

Note: This review of the Accelarated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting is the first of three reviews on the course.  Stay tuned for more info!

I did not receive compensation for this post although I did receive a free product to facilitate this review.  Any and all opinions here are my own.

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Anna lives on the North shore of Oahu with her husband, daughters, ages 14 and 9, and a little dog. She likes to read, write, go for walks, bake with the 9 year old and take naps.

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  1. Cristi

    I’m VERY seriously considering ordering the Accelarated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting. After serving 14 years Active Duty in the Navy, my husband was told, “Thank you for your service, but we are contracting your job out to civilians because they cost less.” No retirement. No medical coverage. Nothing. I’ve been a stay at home mom if two beautiful girls for the past 6 years and the thought of putting them in daycare makes me physically ill. I can also say that Unemployment does NOT pay much!
    With this program, how long will does it take to start making a decent living? Does AWAI show you how to find copywriting jobs? Is it pretty easy to follow? (KISS, keep it simple sweetie)

    1. admin

      cristi, sorry to hear about your current situation. have you been looking at the AWAI copywriting program? it offers lots of tools to make a go of copywriting, including a user forum (where you can ask questions, get even more testimonials than what you first see on the site, etc), a job board and also extensive discussion in the actual course about getting a job copywriting as well as the kind of life a copywriter can expect.

      as for the work in the course, its not hard at all. you don’t even necessarily have to be a writer, per se, as it lays out the necessary formulas for copywriting, etc. if anything is challenging, it would be the exercises and not because they’re hard but because they can feel repetitive. but they do pay off in helping you get a kind of zen like understanding of writing advertising copy. keep asking questions as you have them.

      also, i’ll be writing the second part of the review series for the AWAI copywriting program as well as the third installment so stay tuned!

  2. Skye

    How much does this cost?

    1. admin

      hey skye, that info is right here:

      it certainly isn’t free but it is cheaper than a college degree . . .

  3. Cindi :)

    Thanks for sharing. You are right Anna, way cheaper than college. :)

  4. test blast

    test blasts

  5. Chris

    Would have liked to see the 2 remaining reviews…

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