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Feb 21

Reviewing the Reader #2

As in what have I read in Google Reader recently?  When I’m stuck somewhere with time to kill, I open Google Reader on my Evo and devour blogs.  I subscribe to a wide variety–from frugal living/budgeting hacks to up-close-and-personal peeps I know.  Here are some great blog posts in no particular order:

Plan the Blog;  Blog the Plan / Pro Blogger
Is it already time to revisit New Year’s resolutions and check your progress?  If you want to succeed, it is!  Blogging is a dynamic venue where its easy to see how far you’ve come–most enjoyable if you set goals along the way–

3 Children’s Movies that Made Me Weep / Life as Mommy
This is a blog that draws me in for the recipes and meal plans.  Then I end up staying for more.  Like this movies list.  I’ve only seen one of them–and it didn’t make me weep.  But I enjoyed this list! (and stayed to read Create Easy Meals that Share Ingredients.)

Basket of Organizing Love Giveaway / Organizing Junkie
This looks like a fun giveaway! (Linds, this is for you, hon!) Go for the organizing love, people!

What’s the Deal with Open Source? / Lifehacker
Lifehacker to my rescue as usual.  And an astute explanation complete with innovative use of non-sexist pronouns!  Which of course led me to stay and read Silent Time Automatically Silences Your Android Phone Based on the Time of Day.  And download the app.

I joined Weight Watchers / Annette Funnyjello
This is my round-about way of saying I’ve joined WW this year as well.  I’m on my fourth (but first deadly-serious-about-following-the-plan) week.  Wish me, Annette Funnyjello and her BFF some luck!

What interesting blogs do you subscribe to?  Any great blog entries?  Leave a comment and talk up what’s in your reader!  Peace out–

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