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Feb 01

Bethenny Frankel, Pampers Gifts to Grow on and Me

pampers logo I got to do the coolest thing last week!  I interviewed Bethenny Frankel, rea48084-lo-MG_3813lity TV star, natural foods chef and mom!  I was in my home office on the phone and while you can hear me asking questions (and getting caught unawares at how relaxed and friendly Bethenny was), she was promoting the Pampers Gifts to Grow, a points program that rewards parents for buying what they need for growing babies, diapers and wipes.  I love the concept of this year’s Pampers Gifts to Grow program, that parents are unsung heroes, changing diapers and attending to childrens’ needs in general.  Pampers wants to reward parents for everything they do. From the press release: “Pampers Gifts to Grow is an incentive program that allows parents and caretakers to accrue points for their purchases and redeem them for different items — from additional baby care products, to educational toys, books, charity donations and more. The program also shares unique coupon and sampling opportunities with its members.”

Bethenny points out that “motherhood is the most amazing thing I’ve ever done in my life — but it’s also a lot of hard work. Parents everywhere wear so many honorable ribbons everyday likely without even knowing it. It’s time we celebrate all that hard work!”  I agree!   To kick off a new year of Gifts to Grow and celebrate parents everywhere, Pampers and Frankel launched a Facebook contest and other activities to award parents for all they do each and every day — from being a Kitchen Commander or Star Photographer to tackling Meal Time and Potty Training. Parents can now also visit the Pampers Facebook page to nominate a friend, family member or even themselves to be recognized as a real “Unsung Hero” by sharing various awards via the Facebook platform. Parents will also be able to receive special incentives and rewards from Pampers Gifts to Grow catalog, as well as enter to win a signed diaper bag from Frankel.

To learn more about Pampers Gifts to Grow, please visit  Ok, I’m off to be an unsung hero and make a balanced meal for dinner.  Check out the video below of Bettheny answering my questions and DO NOT count how many times I say ‘uh’ or ‘okay’!

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