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Feb 28

Moana Saves RAVE: Tropical Traditions Coconut Peanut Butter

Once in a while we come across a product that deserves another shout out. Thus, a Moana Saves RAVE. As in, not just good, or great, but we really do want to rave about you! And, this time, it’s Tropical Traditions Coconut Peanut Butter.   I posted a review HERE about a month ago,  and it really is something worth indulging in.  It’s quite addicting, [...] [...]

Feb 28

InstantPeel Review

I used to be very aware of how my face felt & I took extra care of it each morning & night. But with each child I had, my morning & night routine got shorter and sometime didn’t happen at all.  I haven’t had the chance to really search out a good face exfoliator, so …

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Feb 26

Review and Giveaway of the Dot Girl First Period Kit

Sponsored by Tomoson.com As a woman in my early forties, I’ve come to realize that most women have “war stories”—the kind of suffering we went through having children, what nursing was like, etc.  Sometimes even the stories of the first time we got our periods are war stories.  I remember sitting through a girls-only class …

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Feb 22

Review and Giveaway of RelaxZen Day and Night Shots

I have a confession to make: I’m a diet Pepsi-aholic.  To keep everything going, I’m multi-tasking nearly every waking minute of my life and, whether it offers a physiological sense of comfort or a placebo, the DP is what I need to get through most days.  After hearing some good online buzz about RelaxZen shots, …

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Feb 21

Reviewing the Reader #2

As in what have I read in Google Reader recently?  When I’m stuck somewhere with time to kill, I open Google Reader on my Evo and devour blogs.  I subscribe to a wide variety–from frugal living/budgeting hacks to up-close-and-personal peeps I know.  Here are some great blog posts in no particular order: Plan the Blog;  …

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Feb 16

LillyMae Bag Review

>Remember the fanny pack?  Those went the way of the parachute pants (I bid good riddance to both!).  But there has always been a need for a small, hands-free bag to keep your important stuff in while you shop, work out or travel.  Hooray for the Lillymae bag which combines the utility of the fanny …

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Feb 15

CSN coming up soon!

Have you heard of CSN? As in, CSNstores.com? If you don’t know, now ya know! There are over 200+ CSN stores where you can get almost anything! Seriously. They’ve got swing sets for kids (my kids will NOT stop bugging me about these since seeing them online), housewares for moms and workout equipment for dads …

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Feb 14

Our First Moana Saves Baby!

Okay, he’s not a Moana Saves baby–more like a Kristen and Will baby.  Ma’umo’ale Jeffrey was born on Friday, February 4th.  He was 7.5 lb. and 19.5″ long–no doubt he is growing and changing fast.  He was welcomed by his loving parents, two sisters and two brothers, as well as tons and tons of family …

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Feb 06

The Couponizer: A Review and a Giveaway

Sponsored by Tomoson.com I used to have mad couponing skillz.  But I stopped couponing (and saving money!) because I was overwhelmed by the clutter of collecting/storing/organizing coupons.  Just to prove that, I pulled out my old couponing box to show you: It’s not pretty, is it? And so I was excited to get a chance …

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Feb 02

HandMade with Love Blog Hop: Introducing Ron of Ostlund Custom Works

When Ron turned me on to his work, I was amazed.  Here were pieces with seemingly lifeless parts (such as metal and machine parts) that, when repurposed through his art, became dynamic and functional!  Also, something I’ve noticed about handmade products is that often their function is determined by or through gender.  I can appreciate …

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Feb 02

HandMade with Love Blog Hop: Introducing Deborah and Cranky Cat Studio Baby and Toddler Fashion

What’s pink and denim and puffy all over?  Its a pair of tutu overalls from Cranky Cat Studio!  Jayne recently reviewed one of Deborah’s lovelies here and I’m borrowing the image from that post so you can see the quality of the Cranky Cat Studio workmanship. While Deborah of Cranky Cat Studio keeps a low …

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Feb 01

Bethenny Frankel, Pampers Gifts to Grow on and Me

I got to do the coolest thing last week!  I interviewed Bethenny Frankel, reality TV star, natural foods chef and mom!  I was in my home office on the phone and while you can hear me asking questions (and getting caught unawares at how relaxed and friendly Bethenny was), she was promoting the Pampers Gifts …

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