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Nov 09

Review of the Firefly Toothbrush

My 8 year old was excited to try the Firefly toothbrush.  I was perhaps even more excited than her! And here’s why: the firefly toothbrush has a light in the handle that flashes for a minute — the amount of time recommended by dentists for brushing each row of teeth.  The Firefly toothbrush is such a simple concept.  It was invented by a dad who was concerned about his daughter’s dental habits and now its very popular with kids (and their parents).

Second Born loves to brush with her Barbie Firefly toothbrush.  In particular, she turns off the light in the bathroom so she can check out the firefly action.  She has told me several times in the couple of weeks she’s been using it that she probably won’t have any cavities at her next dental check-up. (Ha! Maybe if I throw away her Halloween candy. . . ) I think we’ll probably stick with the Firefly toothbrush for awhile.  A product that makes brushing fun for her when it previously felt like a chore is SO worth it. A bonus is that the Firefly makes her brush longer.  Win-win.

My only recommendation is that I would like to see a non toy-branded line of Firefly toothbrushes for when Second Born makes the transition to teenager.  Some cool plaid or paisley design would be great.  Ok, not just for my kid.  I’d be down with a brush like that as well. Just saying . . .

I did not receive compensation from Firefly to review their product.  I did receive a sample in order to facilitate my review.  Any and all opinions are my own.
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