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Sep 21

For the Ladies: Review of the Diva Cup

Discussing menstrual products on my blog.  Its a tricky thing.  The hub even made me show this to him before I put it up.  Sometimes I can be the queen of TMI.  I guess he’s trying to keep me at the princess level of TMI so we can hold on to our family’s dignity.  But talking about menstrual cycles isn’t such a big deal! It just depends on how you do it.  So don’t worry, I won’t embarrass you or me in this post. Okay? Okay.

I contacted Carinne Chambers at Diva International because I believe in their product.  I’ve used a Diva Cup for nearly four years (not the same one, mind you) and its quite possibly the easiest and the smartest thing I’ve done to reduce my eco-footprint on the earth.  Back when I first started to use the Diva Cup, it seemed a cheap alternative to the feminine hygiene products I could get at the drugstore.  It bothered me that I had to buy new product every few months especially as I tend to like the ones that are more expensive.  Now, four years later, I haven’t gone back to disposable products because its easy to use the Diva Cup.  Seriously!  The learning curve isn’t very steep at all.  If I can use one, anyone can.  Sorry, no instruction video here to show you.  That would embarrass my hub.

You can check out all of the info on the Diva Cup website about their product.  The Cup is made from the highest quality silicone, has no chlorine, dyes, colorings or additives of any kind, and is in no way connected to Toxic Shock Syndrome.  Further, it has been approved by the FDA, Health Canada, and holds an international ISO 13485:2003 manufacturing certification.  The Diva Cup was developed by a mother-daughter team who recognize that “not every woman can afford a hybrid car nor easily convert their home to solar power. Yet, by choosing to use a menstrual cup instead of disposable tampons and pads, any woman is able to make an environmentally responsible choice each month. This is no small matter. In the U.S. alone, billions of tampons and pads are dumped into landfills and the environment each year” (Carinne Chambers).

Yes, yes, all of that is well and good but you really want to know what its like to use it, don’t you?  Short of getting a bit too graphic on a family-friendly blog, I can tell you that inserting it and taking it out takes a little practice. Otherwise, its a breeze to use.  You can use the same cup for a year or even longer according to the FAQ.  I’ve used the ones I’ve had for over a year before replacing them.  The Diva Cup comes in two sizes: Model 1 is for women younger than 30 who have not experienced childbirth; Model 2 is for women over 30 and/or those who have given birth.  It also comes with a cute little drawstring bag and Diva pin. 


You can find a store near you that sells the Diva Cup here or you can purchase one online at Amazon.

Disclosure: I did not receive any form of compensation from Diva International to host this giveaway.  Any and all opinions are my own.  I have included an affiliate link above and the expired giveaway has been removed from this post.

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